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Summer Training

Summer Training

A summer training period is held annually to furnish NROTC midshipmen the opportunity to gain experience in the practical application of their studies in Naval Science.  These training periods are normally three to six weeks in length.  NROTC Scholarship midshipmen are required to participate in summer training during each of the three summers between freshman and senior years.  For Scholarship Program students, the timing of the appointment to Scholarship status determines the requirement for participation in summer training.

Third Class Summer Training is conducted between the freshman and sophomore academic years for all scholarship students and is a warfare community indoctrination.

Second Class Summer Training is conducted between the sophomore and junior academic years for all Scholarship students.  This at-sea training on surface ships and submarines, furnishes midshipmen with basic shipboard orientation and an introduction to enlisted life and the roles of the work center supervisor.  Marine Option midshipmen attend an amphibious surface cruise.

First Class Summer Training is conducted between the junior and senior academic years for all first class NROTC midshipmen.  First class cruise provides exposure to the officer and wardroom environment and is executed in an at-sea training environment aboard a ship.  First class Navy Option midshipmen may also opt for aviation, submarine or Foreign Exchange Training for Midshipmen.  Marine Option first class midshipmen attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Quantico, VA.

To be eligible for summer training, midshipmen must be on Scholarship or Advanced Standing, meet the physical fitness and body composition standards, and must be in good standing within the Unit.  Each NROTC College Program Advanced Standing student is required to participate in the First Class cruise.  College Program students shall not participate in Third or Second Class summer training.

STA-21 Officer Candidates do not participate in summer training and are required to maintain full-time academic study during the summer term.

MECEP Officer Candidates are required to complete Marine OCS at Quantico, VA prior to reporting to the NROTC unit.

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