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Virtual Reality Lab

Faculty Lead: Jean-Marc Gauthier

Jean-Marc is an award-winning interactive media artist designing virtual worlds. His artwork has been presented at domestic and international venues. He has written books on creating real-time interactive experiences in virtual worlds and the production of real-time 3D animations and games. He is involved with research on visualization and interaction design in virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR).
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Jean-Marc Gauthier


Moments in Nature - SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022

VR Classrooms in the Metaverse - 2023 Virtual Microbiology Lab

Virtual Forest - Metaverse Demo

Augmenting Virtual Lunar Terrain

Virtual LIDAR - Lunar Dust Operations Simulator

Virtual Protein Builder - Visualize Protein Structures

COVID-19 Spike Protein, Interactive Visualization

Making the Invisible Visible: Videos of Proteins in Virtual Reality

Building a Virtual Protein Alpha-Helix in Virtual Reality

Video Tutorial

Building a Beta Pleated Sheet in VR

Video Tutorial

COVID-19 Protein Spike and ACE2

Interactive Animation

Autonomous Virtual Protein Building using Virtual Agents

Identifying Protein Binding Pockets by Combining Voxels and Deep Learning

Virtual Reality Framework for Interactive Animation of Proteins


Virtual Technology & Design

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