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EPPN Seminar Schedule

Seminars take place on Mondays at 3 p.m. Pacific Time in Ag. Sci. 62 or IRIC 305.

  • Jan. 22 (IRIC 305) — Cydia laricana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): A new pest of larch in the intermountain west — Video
    Steve Cook, Professor of Entomology, EPPN, U of I
  • Jan. 29 (IRIC 305) — Updating action thresholds for sugar beet root maggots in modern beet varieties using a new pheromone lure — Video
    Beck Akhiwu, EPPN Ph.D. student
  • Feb. 5 (IRIC 305) — Assessment of host selection behavior and efficacy of Mogulones borraginis, a biocontrol agent of the invasive plant Cynoglosum officinaleVideo
    Anjila Thapa, EPPN Ph.D. student
  • Feb. 12 (IRIC 305) — Post-Release Assessment of Mecinus janthiniformis in Idaho: an analysis through vegetation and climate data — Video
    Julia Rushton, EPPN Ph.D. student
  • Feb. 26 (IRIC 305) — Evaluating the effects of virus infection on alfalfa yield by comparing yield, quality and virus prevalence (SRAV, AMV and BLRV) in insecticide-treated versus check-plots — Video
    Apekshya Senchuri, EPPN M.S. student
  • March 4 (IRIC 305) — Biofumigants to control the potato cyst nematode, Globodera pallidaVideo
    Bhupen Bhatta, EPPN Ph.D. student
  • March 18 (Ag. Sci. 62) — Making square pegs fit in round holes: Adapting augmentative biocontrol for Washington orchards — Video
    Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris, Temperate Tree Fruit and Vegetable Research Unit, ARS, Wapato, Washington
  • March 25 (Ag. Sci. 62) — What’s fear got to do with it? Determining the role of predation risk on individual and population level changes in prey organisms — Video
    Sara Hermann, Department of Entomology, Pennsylvania State University
  • April 1 (Ag. Sci. 62) — Cercospora leaf spot epidemiology: New insights from molecular techniques — Video (note: video has audio skips)
    Nathan Wyatt, Edward T. Schafer Agricultural Research Center, ARS, Fargo, North Dakota
  • April 8 (IRIC 305) — Developing biocontrol options for flowering rush: How it started, how it’s going — Video
    Jenn Andreas, Integrated Weed Control Project, Washington State University Extension, Puyallup Research Center
  • April 15 (IRIC 305) — Exploring sustainable controls and potential impact of Globodera pallida, the Pale Cyst Nematode in Idaho — Video
    Paige Hickman, EPPN Ph.D. student
  • April 22 (IRIC 305) — Molecular phylogeny reveals overlooked diversity within Euagrus funnel-web spiders — Video
    Arnau Calatayud Mascarell, EPPN Ph.D. student
  • April 29 (IRIC 305) — An introduced solitary wool carder bee preferentially interacts with conspecific partners — Video
    Gary Chang, Department of Biology, Gonzaga University


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