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Summit Course Topics

The Summit's intensive three-day format features nationwide industry thought-leaders grappling with the challenges of the 21st century.

Keynote Sessions

The session explores how utilities are managing climate impact across diverse stakeholders (investors, customers, and activists) while maintaining a focus on resilience and affordability. Topics include the impacts of climate on the grid, insurance, risk, etc., and how utilities need to position themselves for the future.


Executive Panels

A panel of human resource executives examine challenges in the energy industry and the impact on the workforce. Topics include the digital workforce, culture and engagement, talent crisis, and the workforce of the future.

A panel of industry experts examine how big data is transforming the energy industry. Topics include using predictive analytics to prioritize risk, how energy companies are using big data to respond to customers, machine learning, and AI.

A panel of industry CIOs discuss the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation. Topics include the search for new talent, investing in new technologies, launching new products and services, and cybersecurity.

A panel of operations officers discuss the challenges of operating and coordinating a more complex grid with more information, distributed resources, and diverse customer expectations. Topics include managing a distribution system in transition, and balancing supply and demand by enabling more flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness.

A panel of energy industry leaders will discuss how their organizations are integrating sustainability into their vision, strategy, risk management framework, operations, and investment decisions. Topics include how organizational core values guide ESG strategy, balancing the needs and expectations of stakeholders while maintaining a focus on core values over the long term, and tailoring ESG goals to the unique characteristics of your customer needs, geographic location, and company size.

An energy industry CFO and an investment banker discuss the economic impact of new technologies, the planning and investment cycle, how customer expectations and changing policies impact investment decisions, and how Wall Street perceptions affect raising capital.

Stellar instructors Ralph Cavanagh and David Owens examine a view forward, responding to comprehensive energy and climate legislation and a new regulatory model.

A panel of industry CEOs explore today’s fast-paced change and discuss how they are aligning their vision with changing policy, regulation, and business models. Topics include increasing customer and employee expectations, new competitors, integrated grid, growing threats to resilience, and decarbonization.

"The Summit is an excellent forum on the latest energy industry trends through an informed and knowledgeable set of speakers and a highly engaged group of attendees - very well done with great customer focus!”Tom O’Brien, Vice President, Information & Technology Services PJM Interconnection, LLC.

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