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Stormwater & Erosion Education Program

Physical Address:
University of Idaho Harbor Center
1031 N Academic Way
Coeur d'Alene ID, 83814

About SEEP

The Mission of SEEP

Panhandle SEEP is an educational program committed to training individuals, including those in the construction and development industry, and agency personnel in the fundamentals of erosion prevention and sediment control planning and practices. It is also intended to provide a forum allowing the participants to share experiences and exchange ideas on methods, applications and effectiveness of best management practices, broadening their perspectives through discussion. Everyone is welcome to attend; certification is optional.

The Origin of SEEP

Panhandle SEEP was founded in 2005 by agency and industry representatives living and working in the five northern counties of Idaho. Contractors and design professionals enlisted the assistance of agencies after recognizing the adverse impact that construction site erosion was having on local resources. Physical destruction of local water resources followed by costly enforcement actions seemed a rather circular argument when the tools exist to prevent both. SEEP is one step in many needed to protect some of our most valuable resources in north Idaho: water, economic and human.

Who Operates SEEP

The SEEP Steering Committee is comprised of construction, development, university and agency representatives. This group provides SEEP with a balance of ideals and a proactive committee. The University of Idaho Coeur d'Alene carries out the administrative duties as directed by the Steering Committee.

Code of Conduct

The Panhandle SEEP Code of Conduct is in place to ensure those who pursue the certification find value in their effort. Certification is a privilege granted to qualified individuals meeting the requirements. Certification also carries with it the responsibility of maintaining the value and integrity of the program.

As a function of maintaining my SEEP certification, I agree to the following:

  1. I will work to keep myself current and informed of new concepts in stormwater and erosion-sediment control and abreast of changing regulations
  2. I will conduct my activities with honesty and integrity
  3. I will be diligent in my efforts to educate my clients on the benefits of stormwater, erosion and sediment controls
  4. I will endeavor to assist others in my profession by relaying accurate and true information
  5. I will engage in acts that will minimize the impacts to protect our water resources
  6. I will represent my SEEP certification accurately as a voluntary educational accomplishment and commitment to continued learning in the field of stormwater, erosion and sediment control.

Purpose and Benefits

  • Increase skill and knowledge levels in the stormwater and erosion fields
  • Foster communication and collaboration between industry, agencies, and landowners
  • Protect resources, including people, water and the economy
  • Develop a local pool of experts as resources for the development community
  • Change current perceptions in development practices

  • Increase skill and marketability to clients
  • Develop a thorough understanding of what methods work and when
  • Be able to troubleshoot your own construction site
  • Protect your resources

  • Increase agency effectiveness and efficiency by reducing time consuming and costly enforcement actions
  • Learn side-by-side with contractors for a consistent approach
  • Be able to communicate effectively with contractors
  • Be more confident that erosion control methods will be correctly installed on site

  • Water quality is protected
  • Struggles between neighbors and contractors are minimized
  • Growth does not outpace quality of life

SEEP Sponsors

  • Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
  • Basin Resources Rock Products
  • J-U-B Engineers, Inc.
  • Kootenai Electric Cooperative Trust
  • Selkirk Construction
  • TC Energy Foundation
  • Welch Comer Engineers

Stormwater & Erosion Education Program

Physical Address:
University of Idaho Harbor Center
1031 N Academic Way
Coeur d'Alene ID, 83814