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First-Year Writing at U of I

The University of Idaho’s first-year writing sequence helps you develop tools and knowledge needed to become a critical reader and effective writer — not just for your university courses, but also for your life beyond college.

First-year writing at U of I emphasizes developing a rhetorical use of language and communication. You will refine your ability to inquire, discover, develop, organize and present ideas and information, and to use conventions and formats appropriate to various forms of communication. You’ll also learn to incorporate other voices and points of view into your own writing through effective, thoughtful research.

Our small class sizes ensure that you get to know your classmates as you work with them in a collaborative environment in which you share and discuss your work. U of I first-year writing faculty are dedicated teachers of writing who are highly approachable, and will invite you to meet with them throughout the semester for writing conferences to discuss your work.

Completing U of I’s first-year writing courses will be an important step in your university studies. Writing is a complex process learned over time and through much continued practice and informed guidance. We encourage you to investigate the many other excellent writing courses the English Department offers.

English 101P is the initial first-year writing course with an added one-credit writing studio (P section) that provides additional instruction and writing support. The writing studio previews upcoming assignments in English 101, reviews material covered in the course and provides focused instruction on writing issues that matter to you. English 101 is graded A, B, C, N(repeat) F(fail). P section graded Pass/Fail.

English 101 is the initial first-year writing course for the majority of incoming students. You’ll learn about the situations, expectations and habits of college writing. Particularly, you’ll examine how writing works. Graded A, B, C, N (repeat), F (fail).

English 102 builds from English 101 and includes extensive, sustained research-based writing and how to shape messages for a variety of audiences. Graded A,B,C,N (Repeat),F.

Pre-requirement: English 101 or equivalent.

First Year Writing

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