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U of I Campus Sustainability Survey - 2018

The purpose of this Campus Sustainability Survey is to gather commuter, environmental literacy and cultural data to complete the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS), and to update the U of I Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Survey respondents share beliefs, attitudes and norms on a wide variety of issue areas including climate change. For example, 93% of respondents believe climate change is happening and 73% of student respondents support a student fee increase of $5 or less to help fund campus solar arrays (or other energy conservation infrastructure). These efforts support the university’s goal to be climate neutral by 2030, as outlined in the university of Idaho Climate Action Plan.

Soil Stewards Survey - 2013

Of the 1089 respondents, 67% supported an ASUI student fee increase to support Soil Stewards, U of I’s student-led organic farm. Of the 777 participants who answered the question, 100% support a fee increase of $1 to more than $2.50.

Water Bottle Survey - 2013

Students in Project Management (BUS 378) gauged the attitude of the student body regarding the sale of single-use water bottles and refill stations. 92% of survey participants indicated that they would use refill stations if they were installed throughout campus.

Transportation Survey - 2013

This survey of 400 students, faculty and staff indicates strong support for a bike-friendly campus with 68% of respondents favoring more bike parking, and 70% supporting more covered bike parking. 76 percent of respondents would use a campus bike fix station, and 49% favor a campus bike share program. Ryan McGrath, a Ph.D. candidate in Exercise Science conducted the 2013 transportation survey with funding from the U of I Sustainability Center mini-grant program.

Bike For Change Survey - 2011

The Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute, U of I Sustainability Center and several other community organizations gathered on September 24th, 2011 to host a "Bike for Change" event as part of 350.orgs international day of action event called, "Moving Planet: A Day to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels". A survey was conducted during the event to evaluate the public's feelings toward cycling as a form of transportation and what encourages or limits them from cycling in town. The survey is now being used in a larger city wide evaluation of bike paths in town and in the development of cycling education materials for the community.

Campus Recycling Survey - 2011

Business 378 project management students and instructor Tracie Lee partnered with the Sustainability Center to conduct a campus wide survey of student attitudes and behaviors toward waste minimization and recycling. 89.7 % of people said they recycle at least one material consistently. Of the 368 students surveyed who live on campus, 73.3% suggested there needs to be an increase in the visibility and quantity of recycling bins on campus and more support from the University.

Residence Hall Recycling Survey - 2010

This is a recycling survey taken of U of I residence hall students in October 2010. There were 235 responses to surveys handed out at hall meetings. 74 percent of students said that they didn't recycle in their building because there weren't any bins to recycle in.

Attitudes About Food Survey - 2008

This food survey explores attitudes about the environmental and social impacts of food, heath and nutrition and dining preferences. 81.1% of students surveyed are somewhat or very interested in a dining option that offers student grown produce. Eating fresh, local food on campus is very or somewhat interesting to 91.8 percent of respondents.

Transportation/ Commuter Survey - 2008

This 2008 survey of 545 faculty, staff and students measures commuter behavior, alternate modes of transportation and establishes a portion of U of I’s carbon footprint. Seventy-two percent of faculty and staff live within a median commute of 1.6 miles to campus.

Student Survey on Food - 2008

This food survey is the student's attitudes toward food, health, nutrition and dining preferences. Only 52.6 percent of students are willing to pay more for organically grown produce. Going to the Farmer's Market because 82.6 percent said it was fun and 89.0 said they went because the food is locally grown.

Recycling Survey - 2008

The first survey conducted by the Sustainability Center reveals strong student support for sustainable infrastructure at U of I. What percent of students agree that the U of I needs to become a leader in sustainability? More than 88%. What percent of students are willing to pay an extra $3 in student fees to increase recycling at U of I? 75%.

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