Pre-Optometry, Focus

First steps toward a career in optometry.

The pre-optometry focus is an advising program to help students select courses and become well prepared for application to optometry school.

The steps toward your career as an optometrist begin by taking the required pre-optometry courses, completing your undergraduate degree, and gaining clinical experience. Course work will include chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, and possibly additional courses such as biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, statistics, and psychology. Common pre-optometry majors include biology, medical sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology. You will also need to seek out volunteer opportunities to shadow optometrists and to observe in clinical settings.

Completing these steps are prerequisites for applying to optometry school for four additional years of specialized training.

This program is a good fit if you:

  • Enjoy math and science
  • Are a good problem solver
  • Like to work with people and to help others
  • Are interested in caring for people’s eye health

This program prepares you to become an:

  • Optometrist (OD)

Available On-Campus

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