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Safe Routes to School

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Safe Routes to School
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Below are some resources related to walking, biking, or traveling safely to school. Please feel free to browse through these resources.

Use links below to open a printable Walk to School Map containing the schools with designated safe routes.

  • Stop, Look & Listen both ways before crossing intersections and drive-ways

Winter Walking and Biking

5 tips for Winter Walking and Biking (as posted in the Moscow School District Newsletter)

  1. Stay visible. Cars can’t see as well in the dark. Make yourself more visible by using reflective clothing when you’re walking, and headlights and taillights when you’re biking. Legally, cyclists need white front headlights and red rear reflectors after dusk.
  2. Walk defensively around cars. Always be prepared for cars to slip on ice. Wait until the car has stopped and you can see the driver’s eyes before you cross in-front of a car in the winter.
  3. Travel slowly when you see ice and snow. Take turns and curves at a slower speed, and allow longer distances for braking. Be sure to plan ahead for extra travel time.
  4. Cover your extremities. That means your head, neck, hands, and feet. The better you are dressed for the weather, the longer you can stay and play in it!
  5. Dress in layers. Dress in layers on your torso and legs, and be prepared to strip them away as your body warms up from walking, biking and playing in the wonderful winter weather.

A-B-C Bike Check

Air, Breaks, Chain check before each ride!

The Helmet Salute!

2, 4, 1… helmet fitting can be fun!

Helmet Salute, 2 finger above eyes, 4 finger V around ears, 1 finger under chin strap

Take a Practice Ride

Ride to school before event days to make sure your child knows how to how to cross intersections and driveways safely and move around cars and other bikers safely.

Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Reminder

SR2S would like to remind parents that it is their responsibility to make sure their children know how to get to school on a bike safely! Ride with your child and make sure they know how to ride safely before sending them to school on their bikes alone.

Adjust your bicycle for YOU

  • Have 1 to 2 inches between you and the top bar for a road bike
  • Have 3 to 4 inches between you and the top bar for a mountain bike
  • The seat should be level front to back
  • Seat height should allow a slight bend at the knee when leg is fully extended

Bike Safety Countdown

12.  Helmets are a must! Keep your child smart, protect their brains

11.  Check your bike’s ABCs before each ride  (Air, Brakes, & Chain)

10.  Be seen! Wear bright clothing

9.  Be heard! Use bell or voice

8.  Use hand signals & look before turning and changing lanes

7.  Stop at red lights and stop signs, use crosswalks and let pedestrians cross first

6.  Ride in the direction of car traffic

5.  Ride with an adult until you have safe bike skills

4.  Kids under 10, ride on sidewalk and walk bikes across intersections

3.  No headphones & no texting while riding 🙂

2.   Lock up at bike racks

1.  Enjoy the ride!

Your helmet should

  • fit snug, yet comfortably
  • sit on your head 2 finger-widths above your eyebrows
  • should pull down when you yawn
  • be replaced after any crash

Helmet basics. Website readers can have the contents to read them by clicking the “listen” icon:

» KidsHealth

This link shows easy diagrams of how to fit a helmet properly:

» National Highway Safety Administration (PDF)

“Bike Trains” and “Walking School Buses” are ways to organize groups in your neighborhood to travel together.

If you have a group and would like to publish a route that you will be biking on a regular basis, please let us know!

Please communicate where your Bike Train will start, what route you will take, the times you will be starting your route, and when you will be arriving at school.

» Learn More

Walking School Buses 

If you are interested in organizing a Walking School Bus at your school, please send us a message to receive any of these available resources!

  • Parent Consent Forms
  • Reflective Vests
  • Slow Signs
  • WSB Stop Signs


Safe Routes to School

Mailing Address:

University of Idaho
Safe Routes to School
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2401
Moscow, ID 83844-2401

Contact Us