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Chemical & Biological Engineering, Faculty

Dev Shrestha, Ph.D.

Department Chair & Professor

Engineering Physics 421


Campus: Moscow
Courses: engineering design I, engineering design II, energy and environmental auditing, bio image processing and computer vision
Areas of Expertise: environmental impact assessment, advanced biofuel production, industrial energy efficiency, instrumentation and controls, precision agriculture

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Buchanan 305


Campus: Moscow
Courses: mechanics of material, dynamics of material, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, engineering fluid mechanics, introduction to chemical engineering, material and energy balance, environmental modeling and design, transport and rate processes, environmental management and design, process analysis and design, modeling in electrolysis process, transport phenomena
Areas of Expertise: bioremediation process modeling, gas separation membranes, electrodialysis membrane separation, hollow fiber bioreactors, transport and kinetics of heavy metal, dyes, halogenated hydrocarbon, low-level radio-nuclides removal from contaminated water and soils

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McClure Hall 403B


Campus: Moscow
Courses: introduction to chemical engineering, chemical engineering thermodynamics, separation processes, microcosms & nanotechnology, applications of nanomaterials in biomolecular engineering, scanning probe microscopy, surface instrumentation, interfacial science, chemical engineering labs
Areas of Expertise: colloids and interfacial phenomena, scanning probe microscopy, nanowires, adhesion and thin films, microfluidics and chemical sensors, polymers and composites, nanotechnology

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Matthew Bernards, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium Director

Buchanan 302


Campus: Moscow
Courses: computations in chemical engineering, process analysis and design II
Areas of Expertise: biology-material interfacial interactions, polyampholyte polymers, bone tissue engineering, beta-voltaic microbatteries

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Engineering Physics 408


Campus: Moscow
Courses: biological engineering analysis and design, fundamentals of bioenergy and bioproducts, biofuels, thermochemical technologies for biomass conversion
Areas of Expertise: utilization of bio-based resources for value-added products and renewable energy through chemical / thermochemical processing.

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James Moberly, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Buchanan 311


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Introduction to Chemical Engineering, Computations in Chemical Engineering, Transport and Rate Processes, Reactor Kinetics and Design, Biochemical Engineering, Transport Phenomena
Areas of Expertise: interactions between heavy metals, microorganisms, and the environment, organic and inorganic bioremediation, environmental biotechnology, resource recovery and utilization

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Jagdish Patel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Engineering Physics 403

Campus: Moscow

Areas of Expertise: Protein Modeling and Design, Computer-Aided Drug Design, Protein-Protein and Protein-Ligand Binding Affinity Prediction, Protein Folding, Protein Sequence, Structure, Function Relationships, Membrane Proteins, Application and Development of Free Energy Calculation Methods.

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Engineering Physics 410


Campus: Moscow
Courses: cell and gene therapy, drug delivery systems, nanobiotechnology, protein expression and purification, biotransport processes, senior seminar
Areas of Expertise: drug/gene delivery using viral & nonviral vectors as well as ultrasonic device, developing phagocytosis-resistant perfluorocarbon-based oxygen carriers using PEGylated fluorosurfactant and CD47 ligand, photothermolysis of cancer cells using nanomaterials, detection of antiviral agents using nanobiosensors

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Russell Qualls, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor, Idaho State Climatologist

Engineering Physics 407


Campus: Moscow
Courses: environmental hydrology, northwest climate and water resources change, engineering fluid mechanics
Areas of Expertise: satellite remote sensing of mountain snowpack, snowmelt runoff modeling, modeling of evapotranspiration

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Nathan R. Schiele, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Engineering Physics 412


Campus: Moscow
Courses: introduction to biological engineering, tendon research, tissue biomechanics, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Areas of Expertise: tendon mechanobiology, tendon tissue engineering

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Buchanan 312


Campus: Moscow
Areas of Expertise: thermal-hydraulics advanced heat transfer & power conversion systems, fuel cycle waste forms & treatment, used nuclear fuel disposition/management, energy storage, bioremediation, life cycle assessment.

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Sarah (Xiao) Wu, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Engineering Physics 404


Campus: Moscow
Courses: bioremediation, bioprocess engineering, electric power and controls, plasma technology
Areas of Expertise: Plasma technology for environmental remediation, green chemistry, renewable energy, and food processing, Waste/biomass conversion for energy and chemical uses, Advanced water and waste treatment technology, Bioprocess engineering

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Haiyan Zhao, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Center for Advanced Energy Studies 257


Campus: Idaho Falls
Areas of Expertise: catalysis for environment and fuels, electrochemistry, corrosion, molten salts/ionic liquids, pyroprocessing, fuel cycle, waste form.

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