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Frederick “Rick” Sheldon, Ph.D.

Frederick “Rick” Sheldon, Ph.D.



Hedlund Building 202E



Mailing Address

University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene Department of Computer Science
Hedlund Building, Room 202
1000 W. Garden Avenue
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814

  • Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Texas at Arlington, 1996
  • M.S., Computer Science, University of Texas at Arlington, 1988
  • B.S., Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 1983
  • B.S., Microbiology, University of Minnesota, 1977

  • Capstone Senior Design
  • Security Operations (CS)
  • Computer Operating Systems (CS)
  • Supervisory Control and Critical Infrastructure Systems (ECE)
  • Analysis of Algorithms (CS)
  • Software Engineering (CS/ECE)
  • Contemporary Issues in Computer Science Colloquium
  • Data, Information and Knowledge (CS)
  • Programming Languages (CS)
  • Networking and Information Assurance (CS/ECE)
  • Software Specification and Analysis (CS)
  • Software Requirements Analysis and Specification (CS)
  • Formal Methods of Software Systems Engineering (CS)
  • Computer Architecture (CS)
  • Software Design (CS)
  • Discrete Structures in Computer Science (CS/Math)
  • Formal Methods: Software Systems (CS)

  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Formal Methods, Specification, Model Checking, Closed Form and Stochastic Analysis
  • Software Requirements, Design, Development and Testing of High Assurance Systems
  • Cryptographic Key Management, Supply Chain and Authentication
  • Security Policy Compliance, Hazards/Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Physical Systems, Failure Scenarios and Penetration Testing
  • Cybernomics

Sheldon has 35+ years of professional experience from academia, industry and government in various roles working a diverse set of computer science problems within the scope of software engineering, formal methods and information security in domains such as embedded real time avionics/vehicular, energy delivery systems (ICS), supply chain, cryptographic key mgmt. His expertise span topics from specification, design, testing, proofs/model checking, analytical and stochastic analysis and simulation, assessment (risk, compliance, vulnerabilities, standards). He has published over 160 articles, 7 copyrighted software applications, 3 patents and served as editor on numerous proceedings and journals. He's held appointments at Wuhan U. Hubei China, U. of Memphis, Washington State U., U. of Colorado Springs, U. Texas Arlington and R&D positions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Daimler, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Minnesota Dept. of Transportation and U. of Minnesota Hospitals and Medical School. He held a National Academy NRC postdoc at NASA Langley Research Ctr. and a Visiting Scholar at NASA Ames Research Ctr. and Stanford U. He's facilitated and participated in National R&D thrusts including invited speaker, panelist, moderator concerned with developing, verifying and validating models, applications and methods for developing safe, secure and dependable systems (VITA).

Books / Chapters

  • Vishik, Claire, Sheldon, Frederick and Ott, David, ”Economic Incentives for Cybersecurity: Using Economics to Design Technologies Ready for Deployment,” Chapter in Securing Electronic Business Processes: Highlights of the Information Security Solutions Europe ISSE 2013., Eds.: Helmut Reimer, Norbert Pohlmann, Wolfgang Schneider, Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden, pp133-47, 22-23 Oct. 2013.
  • “Federal Cyber Security R&D Program Thrusts,” Eds. Sheldon, F.T., Giani, A., Krings, A. and Abercrombie, R.K., ACM Proc. 8th Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop, Jan. 8-10, '13 (ISBN 978-1-4503-1687-3).
  • “Introduction to the special issue on cyber security and management,” Special Issue on Cyber Security and Management, Journal of Information Systems and e-Business Management, Springer Berlin (1617-9846), Guest Editor Frederick T. Sheldon, Published online: 26 October 2012.
  • Hamed Okhravi, Fredrick T. Sheldon and Joshua Haines, “Using Data Diodes in Architectures to Support Trustworthy Physical Cyber Infrastructures” Chapter in Systems and Optimization Aspects of Smart Grid Challenges, Book Series, Springer, London, July 31 2013.
  • “Energy Infrastructure Cyber Protection,” Eds. Sheldon, F.T., Abercrombie, R.K. And Krings, A., ACM Proc. 7th Cyber Security and Info. Intelligence Research Wkshp, Oct. 12-14, '11 (ISBN 978-1-4503-0945-5)
  • “Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Challenges and Strategies,” Eds. Sheldon, F.T., Prowell, S.J., Krings, A. and Abercrombie, R.K., ACM Proc. 6th Ann. Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop, Apr. 13-15, 2010 (ISBN 978-1-4503-0017-9)

Journal, Magazine and Proceedings Articles

  • A. A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, Y. Chakhchoukh, M. Ashrafuzzaman, B. K. Johnson, F. T. Sheldon, J. Alves-Foss, P. T. Tosic, and M. A. Haney, “An Arch. for HESTIA: High-level and Extensible System for Training and Infrastructure Risk Assessment,” Jr. IoT and Cyber-Assur, 1:2, Jun’18.
  • A. A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, and F. T. Sheldon, “CERES NetSec: Hands-On Network Security Tutorials,” Jr. of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 33:5, May 2018.
  • D. Conte de Leon, A.Q. Stalick, A. A. Jillepalli, M.A. Haney and F.T. Sheldon, “Blockchain Properties Misconceptions,” Jr. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 11:3, pp. 286-300, Sept. 2017.
  • Lin, Chen, Shen, Zhidong, Chen, Qian and Sheldon, Frederick T., “A Data Integrity Verification Scheme in Mobile Cloud Computing,” Jr. Network and Comp. Apps, Elsevier, 77:1 (2017): 146-51.
  • Chen, Q., Abdelwahed, S., Morris, T. and Sheldon, F.T., “Model-based Autonomic Security Mgmt. of Cyber Physical Infrastructures,” Int'l Jr. Critical Infrastructure, Inderscience, 12:4 (2016): 273-294.
  • Chen, Q., Abercrombie, R.K., and Sheldon, F.T., “Risk Assessment for Industrial Control Systems Quantifying Availability Using Mean Failure Cost” JAISCR, 5:3 (2015): 205-220.
  • I.A. Oyewumi, A.A. Jillepalli, P. Richardson, M. Ashrafuzzaman, B.K. Johnson, Y. Chakhchoukh, M.A. Haney, F.T. Sheldon, and D. Conte de Leon, “ISAAC: The Idaho CPS Smart Grid Cybersecurity Testbed,” IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conf., College Station, TX, Feb. 7-8, 2019.
  • I.A. Oyewumi, H. Challa, A.A. Jillepalli, P. Richardson, Y. Chakhchoukh, B.K. Johnson, D. Conte de Leon, , F.T. Sheldon, and M.A. Haney, “Attack Scenario-based Validation of the Idaho CPS Smart Grid Cybersecurity Testbed (ISAAC),” IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conf., Feb. 7-8, 2019.
  • A.A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, I.A. Oyewumi, J.  Alves-Foss, B.K. Johnson, C. L. Jeffery, Y. Chakhchoukh, M.A. Haney and F.T. Sheldon, “Formalized Automated Adversary-aware Risk Assessment for Critical Infrastructure,” IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conf., Feb. 7-8, 2019.
  • Abercrombie, R.K., Ollis, B., Abercrombie, T., Jillepalli, A. and Sheldon, F.T., “Microgrid Disaster Resiliency Analysis: Reducing Costs in Continuity of Operations Planning,” Proc. HICSS Jan. ‘19.
  • A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, B.K. Johnson, Y. Chakhchoukh, I. A. Oyewumi, M. Ashrafuzzaman, F.T. Sheldon, J.  Alves-Foss, and M.A. Haney, “GERAS: A Holistic Cyber Physical System Model for IEEE 14-bus Power Flow System,” Proc. Of Malware Conference (MALCON), Oct 22-24, 2018.
  • Ashrafuzzaman, M., Jamil, H.M., Chakhchoukh, Y, and Sheldon, F.T., “A Best-Effort Damage Mitigation Model for Cyber-Attacks on Smart Grids,” IEEE Proc. COMPSAC Tokyo, Jul 23-7,’18.
  • Jamil, H. M., Mou, X., Heckendorn, R.B., Jeffery, C.L., Sheldon, F.T., Hall, C.S. and Peterson, N., “Authoring Adaptive Digital Computational Thinking Lessons using vTutor for Web-Based Learning,” Proc. 17th ICWL, Springer Nature, Thailand, Aug. 22-14, 2018.
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  • A.A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, M. Ashrafuzzaman, Y. Chakhchoukh, B.K. Johnson, F.T. Sheldon, J.  Alves-Foss, P.T. Tosic, and M.A. Haney, “HESTIA: Adversarial Modeling and Risk Assessment for CPCS,” Proc. IEEE IWCMC, Limassol, Jun 25-29 2018
  • Predrag T. Tosic and Frederick T. Sheldon, “On the Programming Models, Smart Middleware, Cybersecurity and Self-Healing Capabilities for the Next-Generation Internet-of-Things,” Adv. in Intel. Sys and Comp., Springer Nature CH AG, London 10-12 Jul ‘18
  • A.A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, F.T. Sheldon and M. Haney, “Hardening the Client-side: A Guide to Enterprise-level Hardening of Web Browsers,” IEEE Int’l Conf. DASC Orlando FL, Nov. 6-10, ‘17.
  • V.S. Koganti, M. Ashrafuzzaman, A.A. Jillepalli, and F.T. Sheldon, “A Virtual Testbed for Security Management of Cyber Physical Control Systems,” IEEE 12th Int’l MALCON, Puerto Rico, Oct. ‘17.
  • A.A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, M. Haney, F.T. Sheldon and R.K. Abercrombie, “An Implementation of the NIST SP 800-82r2 Risk-based Framework for Effective Cybersecurity Management of Cyber Physical Control Systems,” Proc. IEEE IWCMC, Valencia, Jun 26-30 2017.
  • Daniel Conte de Leon, Venkata A. Bhandari, Ananth A. Jillepalli and Frederick T. Sheldon, “Using a Knowledge and Policy-based Security Orchestration Tool to Reduce the Risk of Browser Compromise,” Proc. IEEE Symp. Series on Computational Intelligence, Athens, 6-9 Dec. 2016.
  • A.A. Jillepalli, D. Conte de Leon, S. Steiner and F.T. Sheldon, “HERMES: A High-Level Policy Language for High-Granularity Enterprise-wide Secure Browser Configuration Management,” Proc. IEEE Symp. Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI 2016), Athens, 6-9 Dec. 2016.
  • Abdullah Abuhussein, Sajjan G. Shiva, and F.T Sheldon, “CSSR: Cloud Services Security Recommender,” IEEE 11th World Congress on Services –Emerging Technology Track: Dependable and Secure Services (DSS 2016), San Francisco, USA, June 26- July 3, 2016.
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  • Kanamori, Y., Yoo, S-M, Gregory, D.A. and Sheldon, F.T., “Authentication Protocol using Quantum Superposition States s,” Int’l Jr. of Network Security, (DOI:, 9:2, 101-108, Sept. 2009.
  • Sheldon, F.T., and Chung, Hong, "Measuring the Relations Among Class Diagrams to Assess Complexity," Jr. Software Maintenance & Evolution: Research & Practice, 18:5, 333-350 Sept./Oct. 2006.
  • Kanamori, Y., Yoo, S-M, and Sheldon, F.T.,“A Short Survey on Quantum Computers,” Int’l Jr. of Computers and Applications, ACTA Press Calgary 28:3, 227-233, 2006.
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  • Editor of the Cybers Security and Information Intelligence Wkshp Proceedings: 8th (2013) 7th (2011) 6th  5th  4th  3rd  2nd editions
  • Bibliometrics: h-index: 20 | RG: 21 | ACM | DBLP | IEEE || ORCID | SCOPUS

  • Invited participant Computing Research Association’s CCC Leadership in Science Policy Institute (LiSPI) Wash. DC. 
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for demonstrated leadership, excellence and longevity within the profession.
  • Elected Senior Member both IEEE/ACM.
  • Significant Industry-academia-government extramural research project funding
  • Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Univ. of Texas at Arlington. 
  • Significant Event Awards (SEA) UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2002-13:
    • SEA Recognizing his leadership in the growth and success of the Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Wkshp (CSIIRW) as General & Program Chair. 
    • SEA FUSEnet Team: Foresight and Understanding from Scientific Exposition (early project description | report | short paper) recognition for Design and Implementation of the Virtual Computing Environment for Scientific Experimentation.
    • SEA In recognition for contributions to the ORNL Response to the April 2011 Advanced Persistent Threat Cyber Attack.
    • SEA Excellence in Technology Transfer for commercialization of the Weigh-In-Motion (WIM).
    • SEA for Excellence in Technology Transfer for commercialization of the Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) and the Automated In-Motion Vehicle Evaluation Environment (AIMVEE).
    • UT-Battelle Key Contributor Award (Federal Laboratory Consortium Award) Excellence in Technology Transfer
  • IEEE Technical Expert Safety, Reliability, Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Survivability
  • Executive Facilitator Nat. Cyber Leap Year Summit (Wash. DC) Chairs and Participants reports presented to Pres. B. Obama by the Federal CTO (See our IEEE Computer article)  Mr. Aneesh Chopra
  • FLC Technology Transfer Award for Southeast Region for WIM/AIMVEE
  • ASEE Fellowship: Stanford/NASA Ames Summer Faculty Research Associate/Visiting Scholar
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award from UTA Chapter for the Society of Sigma Xi
  • UTA College of Engineering, Dept. of CSE: Outstanding Research by a Ph.D. Student
  • UI CS Department faculty received $6.8M in funding: $.95M establishes 3rd year BSCS in Coeur d'Alene, $2.1M for an IGEM-HERC grant entitled Security Management of Cyber Physical Control Systems (shared with ECE) and $3.7M for CyberCorps: SFS pgm.
  • Invited participant: 5th NASA Langley Formal Methods (LFM2000) Workshop and the European Edu Forum School Participant: Formal Methods & Performance Analysis (FMPA2000)
  • Granted patents: 1st | 2nd | 3rd

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