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Matthew Swenson, Ph.D., P.E.

Matthew Swenson, Ph.D., P.E.

Interdisciplinary Capstone Design Program Director, Associate Professor


Gauss-Johnson 234J



Mailing Address

Mechanical Engineering
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 0902
Moscow, Idaho 83844-0902

  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University, 2017
  • Graduate Teaching Certificate, Boise State University, 2017
  • M. Engr., Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University, 2016
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University, 1999

  • Boise State University Graduate College Nuclear Fellowship Award, 2016
  • Best Student Poster Presentation – TMS 144th Annual Meeting and Exhibition as part of the Microstructural Properties in Irradiated Materials (MPIM) Symposium, March 2015
  • Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Scholarship (National Award), 2014
  • AE50 Award Winner (GK Machine, Inc.) – Agricultural Engr. Top 50 Innovations, 1999
  • AE50 Award Winner (GK Machine, Inc.) – Agricultural Engr. Top 50 Innovations, 1998

  • Product Development and Innovation (via industry collaborations)
  • Advanced energy materials
  • Engineering teaching and pedagogy

  • S.B. Adisa*, R. Blair*, M.J. Swenson. Comparison of microstructure evolution in Fe2+ or neutron irradiated T91 at 500 °C, Materialia , 12 (2020) 100770.
  • R. Parker, S. Sangelkar, M. Swenson, J. Ford. Launching for Success: A Review of Team Formation for Capstone Design, International Journal of Engineering Education, 35 (2019) 1926-1936.
  • M.J. Swenson, S. Beyerlein, D. Cordon, M. Maughan, E. Odom. Formation of Interdisciplinary Teams in Engineering Capstone Courses using a Project Fair Format, Transactions of the Capstone Design Conference, June 2018.
  • M.J. Swenson, J.P. Wharry. TEM characterization of irradiated microstructure of Fe-9%Cr ODS and ferritic-martensitic alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 502 (2018) 30-41.
  • M.J. Swenson, J.P. Wharry. Nanocluster irradiation evolution in Fe-9%Cr ODS and ferritic-martensitic alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 496 (2017) 24-40.
  • M.J. Swenson, C.K. Dolph, J.P. Wharry. The effects of oxide evolution on mechanical properties in irradiated Fe-9%Cr ODS, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 479 (2016) 426-435.
  • M.J. Swenson, J.P. Wharry. The comparison of microstructure and nanocluster evolution in proton and neutron irradiated Fe-9%Cr ODS steel to 3 dpa at 500°C, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 467 (2015) 97-112.

  • Characterizing and modeling radiation effects in metals and alloys
  • Correlating microstructure and mechanical properties evolution upon irradiation
  • Evaluation of advanced materials for enhanced energy efficiency applications

After graduating from Oregon State University with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering in 1999, Matthew Swenson immediately pursued a career in industry, quickly excelling and continuously accepting roles of increasing responsibility. The first five years, Swenson worked at GK Machine, Inc., a small company south of Portland, designing customized agricultural equipment. Next, Swenson worked at Hyster-Yale Material Handling, most recently as the direction of product development for the counterbalanced electric truck product line while introducing eight new products into production between 2009 and 2013. Although each new role was challenging and rewarding, they progressively drew Swenson further away from science and engineering, and more towards business administration. With this gradual shift, each position demanded more focus on company profits and allowed less opportunity for Swenson to mentor younger employees in the science and engineering involved in product development. As a result, Swenson relinquished his industry career to pursue a doctorate with the specific goal to teach and mentor young engineers as a university professor.

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Engineering Physics Building Rm. 324K

Mailing Address:

Mechanical Engineering
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 0902
Moscow, ID 83844-0902

Phone: 208-885-6579