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Steven W. Beyerlein, Ph.D.

Steven W. Beyerlein, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering


Engineering Physics 324I



Mailing Address

Mechanical Engineering
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 0902
Moscow, Idaho 83844-0902

  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Washington State University, 1987
  • M.S., Engineering Science, Dartmouth College, 1981
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 1979

  • Design Pedagogy
  • Assessment of Project Learning
  • Engine Testing
  • Industrial Energy Conservation

Steve Beyerlein joined the University of Idaho in 1987. He has taught Mechanical Engineering courses in freshman design, sophomore design, computer aided design, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, senior design, lean manufacturing, and combustion engine systems. He has both a practitioner and research interest in instructional design, active learning strategies, assessment for learning, and faculty development. Early in his career he was active in the Center for Applied Thermodynamic Studies where among other things he worked on equations of state used by the international natural gas industry for pipeline operations and sales. For the last twenty years, he has been an active participant in the National Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (NIATT). He has been involved in multiple generations of student vehicle projects, including an electric racecar the one the Arizona Electrics Competition in 1999, DOE Future Truck, SAE FSAE, SAE FHSAE where UI placed first in international competition in 2013, and the Clean Snowmobile Competition where UI has placed in the top three multiple times over the last fifteen years. Since 2015 Dr. Beyerlein has served as the Mechanical Engineering Department Chair where he has diversified the industrial advisory board, spearheaded major shop/lab infrastructure improvements, connected with many UI alumni through e-communications as well as social events around the northwest, and contributed to program assessment/accreditation efforts at the college as well as institution level.

  • Utschig, T., Scheller, WL, Morgan, J., Lytinski, D., Leasure, D., El-Sayed, M., Cox, V., Chaudhury, R., Beyerlein, S., and Apple, D., (2018) “Learning to Learn Engineering – A Learning Sciences Approach to Engineering Curriculum Design and Implementation”, Frontiers in Education Conference.
  • Pezeshki, C., Leachman, J., and Beyerlein, S., (2017) “Managing Project Scope for Successful Capstone Projects”, International Journal of Engineering Education, Vol 33, No 5, 1442-1452.
  • *Lake, A., Rezaie, B., and Beyerlein, S., (2017) “Review of District Heating and Cooling Systems for a Sustainable Future”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol 67, p 417-425.
  • Hintze, D. and Beyerlein, S., (2016) “Major Topics in Process Education: A Directory of Scholarship and Tools”, International Journal of Process Education, Vol 8, No 2, pp 3-24.
  • *Woodland, M., *Savage, D., *Paulus, P., *Eliason, A., Smith, C., Cordon, D., and Beyerlein, S., “Implementation of Project Management and Knowledge Management Practices in Activities of a Clean Snowmobile Competition Team”, SAE Paper 2017-01-1261.
  • Odom, E. and Beyerlein, S. (2016) “Using Solid Modeling to Enhance Learning in Mechanics of Materials and Machine Component Design”, American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition.
  • *Cuddihy, J., Beyerlein, S., *White, T., and Cordon, D. (2016) “MATLAB Modeling of an IC Engine as a Capstone Learning Experience in a combustion Engines Course”, SAE Paper 2016-01-0173.
  • *Dunkel, C., *Oliver, R., Xing, T., Hess, H., Beyerlein, S., Shrestha, D., and Smith, S. (2015) “Collaboration Between Senior Design Students and Campus Facilities Staff in Creating a Viable Cogeneration Design for a Campus Wood-Fired Boiler”, American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition.
  • *Asfoor, M., Beyerlein, S., *Lilley, R., Santora, M. (2015) “Discrete Grid Optimization of a Rule-Based Energy Management Strategy for a Formula Hybrid Electric Vehicle”, SAE Paper 2015-01-1212.
  • *Lilley, R., *Asfoor, M., Santora, M., Cordon, D., Odom, E., and Beyerlein, S., (2015) “Design of the University of Idaho Formula Hybrid Vehicle”, SAE Paper 2015-01-0414.
  • Alexander, D., Watkins, G., Beyerlein, S., and Metlen, S. (2015) “Processes to Formalize Sponsored Educational Activity Agreements between Industry and Universities Related to Capstone Design Projects”, International Journal of Engineering Education, Vol 31, No 6, pp 1881-1891.
An asterisk (*) indicates a student co-author.

  • Development and Implementation of Longitudinal Design Assessment (across ME 123, ME 223, and ME 424/426) with J. Crepeau, M. Maughan, D. Cordon, M. Swenson, D. Robertson, D., and S. Quallen
  • Hybrid Learning and Assessment Systems for Elevated Engineering Learning with GENZ Students with B. Willis, J. Crepeau, T. Soule, and S. Quallen
  • Small Engine Performance and Emissions Testing with K. Kumar and D. Cordon
  • Catalytic Combustion systems with K. Kumar

Dr. Beyerlein collaborates with Dr. Shrestha in Biological Engineering in leading the DOE sponsored UI Industrial Assessment Center. This manufacturing assistance unit hires student interns, visits mid-size manufacturing facilities in the northwest, and provides detailed energy audit reports. The DOE program supports energy engineering education as well as outreach to regional industry. UI students in the program have made over $2M/year of energy saving recommendations that have been adopted by clients across Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Dr. Beyerlein is also highly active in the UI interdisciplinary capstone design program recognized by the National Academy of Engineers and he has served on the organizing committee of the Capstone Design Conference since 2010.

Dr. Beyerlein is also one of the original developers of the popular Mindworks website which is a portal for just-in-time design and manufacturing learning that supports numerous curriculum classes.

  • Outstanding Faculty, University of Idaho, College of Engineering (2020)
  • Ben Sparks Medal, ASME (2017)
  • Best Paper Award: Engineering Design Graphics Division, ASEE (2016)
  • Best Paper Award: Design in Engineering Education Division, ASEE (2012)
  • Exemplar of Real-World Engineering Education, NAE (2012)
  • Outstanding Student Section Advisor Award, District D, ASME (2012)
  • Outstanding Zone Campus Representative Award, Zone IV, ASEE (2009)
  • University-Wide Teaching Excellence Award, University of Idaho (2001)
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, Pacific Northwest Section, ASEE (2000)
  • Dow Outstanding Young Faculty Award, Pacific Northwest Section, ASEE (1992)

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Engineering Physics Building Rm. 324K

Mailing Address:

Mechanical Engineering
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 0902
Moscow, ID 83844-0902

Phone: 208-885-6579