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Academic Impressions

In partnership with the Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President and the University of Idaho Library, Employee Development and Learning offers Academic Impressions access to all U of I employees. Academic Impressions (AI) is a platform dedicated to providing leadership, personal development and skills-based training opportunities to faculty and staff in higher education. Most training is free via our partnership with AI, and some courses are available with a fee.

All University of Idaho employees can access AI through their Single Sign-On (SSO). Visit and click “Create Account/Login” in the upper right corner of the screen, then enter your “” email address. A blue box saying “Log in using your University of Idaho credentials” will appear. Click on the blue box and follow the U of I authentication prompts. Once you are logged in, click on the “Start Learning” link in the navigation near the top of the page and start exploring!

An arrow points to the upper right section of the Academic Impressions website to indicate the location of the login link. A pop-up box in the foreground contains login fields, which show a blue box to login with university credentials after entering a email address.

Featured Courses

Below is a sample of exciting and informative courses available on Academic Impressions. These courses are free with your membership. Stay tuned to this page, as EDL will offer more featured content!

Courses for Staff

How You Want to Show Up as a Supervisor
11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. PDT Wednesday, June 19

Some people may have intentionally sought out supervision. Others may have fallen into that path.  Regardless, how many people ask themselves what kind of a supervisor they want to be? In this discussion, we’ll create the space for you to think about what kind of supervisor you want to be.

The Mindset Shift in Becoming a Supervisor
Begins Wednesday, July 17

If you supervise other people, this discussion circle is for you. If you’re completely new to the role, you’ll gain invaluable information and perspective from others facing some of the same challenges. If you have some supervision experience, you’ll brush up on some best practices, add new tools to your toolkit and be among a community of other supervisors.

Making 1:1 Check-ins More Effective
Begins Wednesday, Aug. 21

How do you spend the time in your 1:1 check-ins?  What makes them hard or what could make them more productive?  In this discussion, we’ll gather ideas and strategies from the group on how we’ll unpack one of the most basic, important and sometimes challenging tools we have: the check-in.

Courses for Faculty

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Engaging in Dialogue About Freedom, Favoritism and Fairness
10 a.m. to Noon PDT Wednesday, July 10

During this two-hour virtual workshop, Dr. Sandra Miles, Head of Practice for Team Development at Academic Impressions, will lead us as we explore the ways feelings of defensiveness and discomfort can be very common when engaging in conversations around favoritism and unfairness.

Preparing for Difficult Conversations as Faculty
Access Anytime

Join us online for a two-hour workshop in which we’ll practice the art of providing feedback to faculty to both develop their talent and re-engage them. We’ll begin the workshop with a short lesson on the most critical components of effective feedback (i.e., timing and consistency, as well as delivery method, mode and tone) and how they may be influenced by generational differences.

Summer Courses

Time Management

Time Management: A Disciplined Approach to Priority-Setting
Access Anytime

Join us for this essential training to learn strategies and exercises that will teach you the discipline needed to protect your time and schedule, allowing you to focus more greatly on your biggest priorities. After the training will be a discussion led by the speaker, Steve Riccio.

Conflict Resolution

Managing Difficult Customers
Access Anytime

In part two of this discussion series, The Impact of Enhancing Customer Service in Higher Education, learn techniques for diffusing common challenges that arise when managing difficult customers. You won’t make everyone happy, but you can surely try!

Building and Sustaining Key Relationships: A Conversation with Executive Women Leaders
Access Anytime

During this discussion, you’ll learn how a President and a CFO built a relationship that propelled the success of their teams, and the institution, and helped them both to thrive individually.

Conflict Management: A Practical Workshops for Leaders
Access Anytime

In this workshop, you will learn strategies to help you manage and resolve various conflicts within your department and institution. You will be introduced to practical tools that address conflict in its earliest stages before it becomes a formal dispute. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to resolving conflicts.

Communication and Customer Service

The Impact of Enhancing Customer Service in Higher Education: A Discussion Series
Access Anytime

The series consists of three one-hour discussions. Each session focuses on a specific topic related to the broader theme of enhancing customer service in higher education. We’ll spend most of each session in conversation with other professionals across the nation—exchanging ideas, sharing promising practices and providing the space to ask questions.

Training Frontline Student Leaders in Customer Service
Access Anytime

This workshop is designed for those who train student leaders, as well as for frontline student leaders themselves. Professional and student staff who work in areas like orientation, residence life, enrollment services and student services will also benefit from this webinar.

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