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30.33 - Banner Training and Authorization


  • Position: Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Information Technologies
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Last updated: April 11, 2013

A. General. The Banner database consists of the following modules: Alumni, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and Student. These databases contain university confidential and sensitive information. Banner module access is granted on a need-to-know basis and is limited to staff, faculty, and temporary employees (See A-3 for exceptions). Module access will be activated after employees have attended requisite training.

A-1. Training Modules. Training in the Banner modules is identified as follows with responsible training units:

  • Navigation (general) – Available online through Professional Development and Learning (PDL)
  • Alumni – Advancement Services
  • Finance – Controller's Office
  • Human Resources – Human Resources (HR)
  • Student Financial Aid -- Student Financial Aid Office (SFA)
  • Student Module – Registrar’s Office

A-2. Access to Banner Training and the Banner System.
a. Employees in non-temporary positions (classified, exempt and faculty) may receive Banner training only if access is needed for job related responsibilities. These employees may register for Banner training at the following UI web site with supervisor approval:

b. Temporary employees, including student employees, may receive Banner training if their supervisors deem it necessary for them to have access* for job related responsibilities as long as:

  1. Accounts are sponsored by a non-temporary employee of the University of Idaho, preferably the supervisor. 
  2. Temporary employees are sponsored for a specified period of time no longer than one year. Sponsors will receive communication, generally via email, to renew any ongoing temporary employee sponsorships not explicitly terminated.

These employees may register for Banner training at the following UI web site with supervisor approval:

*Access limitations to specific data may be imposed per module.

A-3. Non-University Personnel. Unpaid interns working for UI units and non-university personnel who must interact with UI on programs of mutual interest (e.g., INRA, ISU, NIC, WSU, etc.) must follow the following process to obtain access to Banner and Banner training:

  • The potential Banner user must either already be affiliated with the university or be a current or past student or employee of the UI (the person must already have a Vnumber in Banner), or contact Human Resources to fill out a Supplemental Data Form.
  • The sponsoring unit must complete an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) to request affiliation of a potential Banner user with their unit.;
  • The sponsoring unit is strongly encouraged to have the affiliate sign a unit confidentiality agreement. If the sponsoring unit does not have such an agreement, they should contact Professional Development and Learning to obtain a generic agreement.
  • A sponsor within the unit must be identified and register the individual for Banner training.
  • The sponsoring unit is responsible for creating a termination EPAF to end the affiliation as soon as the individual is no longer affiliated with the unit.

B. Lapse in Banner Use. Individuals who have received Banner training, but experience a six-month or greater lapse in Banner use, are required to re-take training to ensure proficiency, regardless of their employment classification.

C. Information. Any questions or concerns may be addressed to Professional Development and Learning;; or 208-885-2323. [ed. 4-13]

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