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35.40 - Hazardous Waste Management


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Last updated: January 23, 2009

Preamble: The University of Idaho complies with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Idaho Hazardous Waste Management Act, and other laws, rules and regulations which pertain to the management of hazardous waste.

A. Definitions. Hazardous wastes are those materials that meet the definition of an ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic waste (40 CFR Part 261); are listed by description, process, or named in federal environmental regulations (40 CFR Part 261); are used oil (40 CFR Part 279); or are defined as Universal Wastes (40 CFR Part 273), including fluorescent lamps, batteries, mercury-containing devices, and unused pesticides.

B. Policy.

B-1. Introduction. Federal and state laws present a complex and strict legal framework for managing hazardous wastes. Procedures and training have been developed to assist the university community in understanding how to comply with these requirements. Many university activities, including research, teaching, maintenance, and office operations, have the potential to generate a hazardous waste. Managing these wastes in a safe, environmentally acceptable and legal manner is an expectation of all employees and students.

a. Management of radioactive, biohazardous, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), or asbestos waste is not covered in this section.

B-2. Responsibility. Compliance with environmental requirements is a distributed responsibility and is required of all university community members. University employees and students are responsible for knowing and complying with this policy and related procedures. Unit administrators shall identify all employee and student positions that generate or manage hazardous waste, ensure that such employees and students are familiar with the requirements herein, and shall provide opportunities for and require such employees and students to attend hazardous waste management training presented by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

B-3. Training. All employees and students who are identified by their unit administrators as one who generates and/or manages hazardous waste shall attend the university Hazardous Waste Management workshop, or other appropriate training approved by the Environmental Health and Safety Office, prior to generating and/or managing hazardous waste at any university facilities. After initial training, this training requirement must be met once every five years.

B-4. Violations of Laws, Rules, and Regulations. Any violation resulting from the failure to comply with an applicable law, rule or regulation, or a university policy or procedure, may subject an employee or student to disciplinary action. In addition, if a violation leads to the payment of a monetary penalty by the university, that portion of the monetary penalty attributable to the employee’s or student’s failure to comply may be assessed against the operating budget of the employee’s or student’s administrative unit. In the event that individual fines or penalties are imposed on an employee or student by operation of state or federal law, such individual shall be responsible for such fines in accordance with applicable laws.

C. Procedures. Procedures on how to identify, manage and request disposal of hazardous wastes can be found at the following Environmental Health and Safety website:

Environmental Health and Safety

In addition, this website offers information on how to minimize the generation of hazardous wastes, information on the hazards of certain categories of chemicals, and lists emergency response procedures and information on personal protective equipment.

D. Contact Information. For further information, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office, 208-885-6524.

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