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35.61 - Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)


  • Position: Environmental Health and Safety Director
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Last updated: February 26, 2014

A. General. Safety data sheets (SDSs) are an essential source of information regarding the chemical composition and hazards presented by a material. SDS information includes: physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point etc.), toxicity and health effects, first aid recommendations, reactivity data, storage and disposal information, recommended protective equipment, and spill or leak response procedures. An SDS also provides valuable information for medical personnel in the event of an injury or exposure involving a hazardous material. [ed. 2-14]

B. Process. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that SDSs are available and accessible to personnel (including employees and students), and that all personnel are aware of their SDSs location. SDSs may be kept by each laboratory or office, or in a central location for an entire department. Regardless of location, SDSs must be available and accessible at all times to any person who may handle, use, spill, or be exposed to the material. The collection of SDSs must be organized so a specific SDS may be found promptly. Users are required to be aware of the hazards associated with a material prior to using the material. [ed. 2-14]

C. Procedures. Obtaining an SDS:

C-1. The Internet. Use of the Internet is a convenient method for obtaining SDSs. Many manufacturers have websites that allow convenient and prompt requesting or retrieval of an SDS. The Environmental Health and Safety office website has a list of links to some useful SDS websites. Please be aware that the information contained in an SDS is accurate for that particular chemical for that particular manufacturer only. [ed. 2-14]

C-2. Environmental Health and Safety Office. If you are unable to obtain an SDS via the Internet, please submit a request (in writing, or by email) to the Environmental Health and Safety office. The following information is required to process a request for an SDS: your name, your phone number, your campus zip code, the material name, the material catalog code or product code, and the name, address and phone number of the material’s manufacturer. A request will require time to process, so please anticipate accordingly. [ed. 2-14]

D. Information. For further information, please call the Environmental Health and Safety office, 208-885-6524.

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