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40.24 - Building Maintenance and Light Construction


  • Position: Director, Facilities
  • Email:

Last updated: December 07, 2009

A. General. Facilities Building Trades group provides resources to accomplish maintenance, repair, and light construction and remodeling work for the University. The trade’s shops are staffed by skilled trades craftsmen that provide the following types of services for the campus community. [rev. 12-09]

  • Custom cabinet and carpentry work
  • Electrical system maintenance, repair and new installation
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, service and repair
  • Machine shop service – custom fabrication and repair
  • Painting and glass replacement
  • Key and electronic card access, closed circuit television systems
  • Refrigeration systems and process cooling, maintenance and repair
  • Facilities maintenance and rejuvenation of interior spaces
  • Remodel and renovation projects
  • Signs
  • Safety modifications

B. Process. Building Related Problems. Call Facilities at (208) 885-6246 with details regarding any building system or other related problem. A maintenance repairperson will be dispatched. If the system problem occurs during non-working hours or on a holiday, call the Steam Plant at (208) 885-6271 for immediate response. Examples of building system problems include: [rev. 12-09]

  • Water leaks or flooding
  • Power outages
  • Heating/cooling problems
  • Steam leaks
  • Sewer blockage

B-1. Building Access – Card Access, Keyed Locks, and Door Hardware Service Requests. The Facilities Access Shop provides electronic card access, keys, locks and door controls service for all campus general education facilities. New services provided include vandal card access programming, and the installation of stand-alone electronic card access locks and digital CCTV surveillance systems. For maintenance needs and for new installations of these types, contact Facilities at (208) 885-6246. Examples of problems and/or requests handled by the Locksmith include: [rev. 12-09]

  • Door closing problems
  • Door does not latch
  • Key does not operate the lock well
  • Re-keying requests
  • Lock security problems
  • Desk and file cabinet keys
  • Electronic lock installations with access audit capability. Vandal card access is obtained by contacting the department Gatekeeper.
  • Door keys. Requests for campus keys are made through the department key administrator. The key administrator may request keys from Facilities by one of the following methods: [ed. 12-09]
    • Email Facilities Email for a key request form and return via email or fax to (208) 885-5748 [ed. 7-10]
    • Email request to Facilities Email with the following information: [ed. 7-10]
      • Name of individual(s) assigned the key(s)
      • Building name
      • Key number, if known
      • Room number
      • Departmental budget number
      • Number of keys requested
      • Date keys are needed

[Note: When keys are finished, Facilities personnel will contact the department to pick-up their keys. For further information or questions concerning campus key issuing, call Facilities at (208) 885-6246. [ed. 12-09]

B-2. Heating/Cooling/Ventilation Systems Maintenance Requests. Maintenance and repair of building systems that provide classroom and office heating and cooling and also special refrigerated environments are provided by the HVAC and Refrigeration Shops. For service requests of this nature, contact Facilities at (208) 885-6246. Examples of HVAC and Refrigeration Shop work include the following: [ed. 12-09]

  • Uncomfortable space temperatures -- too hot or cold
  • Room ventilation and fume hood problems (air quality concerns --in conjunction with the Environmental Health and Safety Office)
  • Window air conditioner repair
  • Refrigerated drinking fountains
  • Domestic refrigerator problems
  • Refrigerated laboratory equipment
  • Ice machines
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Process cooling for new equipment installations

B-3. Departmental Equipment Repair Requests. Installation and service for department owned equipment requires a departmental budget with the request. Installation of departmental equipment should include a verification of available utilities to ensure adequate supply for the new equipment. Please request an analysis of utility capacity when calling in the work order. Examples of departmental equipment includes, but is not limited to: [rev. 12-09]

  • Centrifuges
  • Window air conditioners
  • Stand alone refrigerators
  • Stand alone walk-in coolers
  • Computer and server equipment [add. 12-09]

B-4. Window Air Conditioner Requests. The installation of window air conditioners in campus facilities is discouraged and their installation can only be approved in certain types of situations. While these units are often appealing from the standpoint of low initial cost and portability, they are not capable of supplying the level and quality of comfort conditioning that is needed for many applications. The following information should be used as a guideline concerning requests for the installation of window mounted or through-wall air conditioners in campus buildings.

i) All requests will require review by Facilities. An architectural and efficiency evaluation will be done. [ed. 12-09]

ii) If adequate electrical power is available within the building, the provision of a branch circuit and all other installation costs associated with mounting the unit will be included in the total installation cost.

iii) Window mounted air conditioning units are purchased by individual departments and are therefore not maintained by Facilities personnel. However, maintenance and repair can, be done on a charge back basis. Please contact facilities at (208) 885-6246 to schedule. [ed. 12-09]

B-5. Elevator Problems and Maintenance Requests. For elevator problems or emergencies, call Facilities at (208) 885-6246. The problem will be logged and a repairperson dispatched. If the elevator problem occurs during non-working hours or on a holiday, and the problem is an emergency (e.g., person stuck in the elevator, disabled individual needing access or egress from a building), call the Steam Plant at (208) 885-6271 for immediate response. If the report is made after normal working hours or on weekends and there is no immediate emergency, the repair call may be postponed until the first working day following the report. Examples of elevator problems include the following. [ed. 12-09]

  • Someone stuck in an elevator
  • Elevator working improperly
  • Lights or function buttons not working
  • Odd noises or smells coming from the elevator car or mechanical room

B-6. Request for Minor Projects. Departmental requests for minor construction or renovation projects outside the “annual call” process should be directed to Facilities Architectural and Engineering Services (AES). A Project Initiation Form can be filled out and submitted from our web-site. AES will determine scope and required design and if it can be done in-house by our shops or by outside contract. [rev. 12-09]

B-7. Requests for Carpets and Window Treatment. Facilities has limited funding for carpet maintenance/replacement. Carpet requests can be submitted to AES or on a Project Initiation Form. [rev. 12-09]

B-8. Minor Maintenance and Repair Requests. Minor maintenance and repair is handled by a maintenance craftsperson. The Building Services Department is charged with maintenance and repair of interior building areas and acts as first responder to handling occupant concerns. Call Facilities at (208) 885-6246 for maintenance person dispatch. Examples of repairs and/or replacements include the repair of doors, shelves, or furniture. [rev. 12-09]

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