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40.28 - Access Control Policy


  • Position: Director, Facilities
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Last updated: May 03, 2012

A. General. It is the policy of the University of Idaho that after normal working hours all facilities shall be locked and secured in order to maintain the safety of both the facilities and their contents including any faculty, staff and/or students. Building card access systems provide an alternative method of controlling access to a building or area, allow for accountability in building access, and facilitate key management due to the reduced number of keys needed. Keys and cards are issued for entry to University facilities for the purpose of conducting University business only. The most effective security happens when all University employees and students share in the responsibility of ensuring the safety integrity of all campus facilities.

B. Definitions:

B-1. Building Master Keys: These keys allow access to all rooms within a given building.

B-2. Gatekeeper: A university employee assigned by a unit administrator and/or college dean who determines who will have access to any facility within their area also known as Key and Access Coordinators.

B-3. Grand Master Keys: These keys allow access to multiple buildings.

B-4. Secure Access Management Tool: a secure access management tool for Gatekeepers to manage access to all their areas known as SAM Online.

C. Responsibilities:

C-1. Employee and students can ensure security on campus by following the below:

  • Not propping open Building Entrance doors.
  • Not propping open internal room entrance doors unless the room is currently in use and occupied by a responsible person.
  • Not causing doors or door locks to become inoperable.
  • Not transferring or loaning any keys or cards to other individuals.
  • Not attempting to duplicate any keys or cards.
  • Not unlocking doors for anyone else, except for Police, Fire or other public safety personnel during an emergency.
  • Reporting any doors that are not closing and locking correctly. These can be reported through College and Unit main offices or to Facilities.
  • Immediately reporting any lost or stolen cards to the Vandal Card office and the Gatekeepers that have granted card access.
  • Immediately reporting any lost or stolen keys to the Gatekeeper from where they were issued.
  • Always returning found keys or cards as soon as possible to any Gatekeeper or Facilities.
  • Ensuring that all doors and windows are secure when leaving a campus area or building after normal operating hours.
  • Returning all University keys to the appropriate Gatekeeper prior to leaving the University.

C-2. Contractors: Contractors working on University projects are required to meet with the Facilities AES department to obtain authorization for access. They are then issued the appropriate keys and card access on a temporary basis to the required areas for their work. Contractors are responsible for the security of the keys/access, their proper use, and the spaces they unlock. Access and keys issued are for official authorized University of Idaho business use only, and are the property of the University of Idaho. Keys are to be returned to Facilities when the project requiring the keys/access ends or upon request. Project retention will not be released until all keys are returned. Some funding is typically retained from contractors, attempting to ensure all punch list and manuals, etc. are completed before final payout of contract. Misuse and or loss of the keys/access issued could result in severe disciplinary action up to and including prosecution and/or restitution to re-key all affected areas.

D. Unit Gatekeeper System.

D-1. Gatekeeper List. Facilities Access Control Department (FACD) maintains a list of all Gatekeepers. The unit administrator or college dean must contact the FACD to change any Gatekeeper assignment. Gatekeepers cannot assign themselves.

D-2. University of Idaho Door Access Web Page - SAM Online (SAM). SAM was developed for Gatekeepers to manage all access to their unit’s areas and is where all electronic door access and keys are processed. The FACD grants approved Gatekeepers access to SAM. Using SAM Gatekeepers can:

grant or revoke access to the electronic locks in their area of responsibility.

review and update the access list and monitor the access log for all areas under their responsibility. (Gatekeepers are responsible for routinely reviewing and updating the access list.)

submit key orders (an email is sent when the keys are ready). All key orders must be picked up and signed out at the Facilities front desk at 875 Perimeter Drive by the Gatekeeper.

manage unit’s keys using the “Manage Physical Keys” tool which provides a printable key checkout form for unit’s to use in checking out keys to employees and students. All employees and students are required to sign this form acknowledging their responsibility for key access. Gatekeepers must keep this form on file for their unit and may be audited to ensure compliance.

record lost keys and notify the FACD and Risk Management immediately. A determination will be made at this time by Risk as to whether it is necessary to re-key the affected area(s). Gatekeepers must contact the FACD immediately if any lost keys are returned.

request any re-keying or additional locks needed by their unit.

E. Grand Master and Master Keys. To insure the security and safety of all employees and students, the University of Idaho is updating building key systems. Once a building is rekeyed, Master keys and Grand Master keys will only be issued to Facilities Emergency Responders. The Facilities Access Control Department will maintain strict control and accountability for these keys. However, a building Master key can be issued to a unit administrator or college dean but the following conditions must be met:

The entire building is under the control of the college or unit.

A $250 charge will be assessed.

If the key is lost and Risk Management determines it to be a security risk, the unit or college will pay the cost of re-keying the entire building.

A unit administrator or dean can temporarily check out a building master key for special circumstances. Arrangements must be made in advance with the FACD.

F. Locks Removed from the University Master Keying System. Circumstances may occur that result in specific areas within the University to request removal from the master keying system. These specific areas fall under the High Risk or High Security categories e.g. controlled substance storage rooms, areas where money is stored, etc.

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