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40.31 - Tree Recognition and Commemorative Program


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Last updated: April 01, 2015

A. General. The University of Idaho recognizes the value of a campus well-endowed with healthy and vibrant trees and wishes to create opportunities for trees to be planted and placed on campus for various patrons, groups, events, and organizations. Recognition are for those entities who have been part of the UI family and/or those who have significantly promoted and fostered the success of the university, making substantial and long term positive impact to the university and its programs. This document summarizes the process by which trees can be planted in honor of a patron, group, or organization with the act acknowledged by either a recognition certificate or a plaque placed at the foot of the tree. 

A-1. Eligible Participants. Persons, groups, events, or organizations directly affiliated with the University of Idaho or its established traditions, may be so honored on the grounds of the university, Moscow campus. 

A-2. Recognition/Commemorative Tree Requests. In addition to planting a new tree at available campus landscape sites, recently or newly planted trees within the campus landscape may also be selected as a Recognition or Commemorative tree [3 inches or less in trunk caliper size]. [Note: Arboretum and golf course locations are excluded from this policy.]

Designation of the proper category for a particular honoree is determined by the Recognition/Commemorative Policy Group which includes the AVP for Facilities, Architectural & Engineering Services Director, and Landscape & Exteriors Services Director. 

1.) Recognition Category - The preponderance of honorees will fall into the Recognition Category where a suitable tree will be planted or selected; a certificate of recognition will be presented to the honoree or family members; the tree will be sited on the UI Campus Interactive Map; and the donor sponsored planting ceremony may be held if the donor or honoree desires one.

2.) Commemorative Category – For those honorees or dignitaries that are selected for this category, besides all of the items mentioned in the Recognition Category, an inscribed bronze plaque will be placed at the foot of the tree as well.  A standard bronze plaque that is 6 inches by 11 inches is used.  Text selections for the plaque must follow UI standards and guidelines concerning content, titles, font, and punctuation (see Plaque Inscription Guidelines Below).  The plaque text is reviewed, edited, and approved by the Recognition/Commemorative Policy Group to conform to all UI standards mentioned.

Recognition/Commemorative Tree Request Form is located on the Facilities Landscape Department website.

A-3. Tree Selections. The Campus Horticulturist at UI Facilities determines which tree species or cultivars would best fit any given site for a Recognition/Commemorative tree planting.  Often, several possible choices are available, and the donor may suggest other possibilities as well.  Other locations are more restrictive and require the planting of a particular species/cultivar to match and blend in with the plantings already in place.  These options will be discussed when viewing the available tree planting sites.  Final tree selection is always determined by the Campus Horticulturist to best meet the overall landscape goals and objectives for campus.

A-4. Site or Planting Locations. The UI Landscape Department at Facilities will offer one or more appropriate planting sites for consideration to the requestor(s). These sites are selected on the basis of future construction, species needs, soil types, and growth area needed for the tree(s). Tree location near a particular building or area will be considered upon request, but if these spaces are filled or inappropriate, the Landscape Department will determine acceptable alternate sites or species.

Currently the Administration Lawn is reserved solely for dignitary and commemorative tree planting only, because of the very limited number of tree planting sites available.  Most of the inner campus core is also limited at this time to replacement tree planting sites.  The outer campus core has a wider variety of planting sites available (see also Section A-7).

A-5. Fee for Selected Memorial/Recognition Tree and Plaque. The fee for a Recognition Category Tree is $2,500 and a Commemorative Category Tree is $5,000.   This fee covers the cost of the tree, certificate,  plaque, and installation costs. Long term care for the tree will be provided by the university. The remaining funds will be placed into the UI Tree and Shrub Endowment fund. This fund is dedicated to the purchase of new and replacement trees and shrubs to enhance the entire university campus landscape and will be used to replace a Recognition/Commemorative tree, should it perish prematurely (within the first 10 years of planting.)

A-6. Plaque Inscription Guidelines.

  • Maximum of seven (7) lines per plaque.
  • Maximum of forty-six (46) characters per Line, including spaces.
  • No graphics or artwork allowed, though association logos will be considered if they will fit.
  • No titles allowed with the person’s name on this line.
  • Quote or Saying must be short, dignified, and relevant to the person or event being honored.
  • Layout as shown on website.

A-7. Recognition/Commemorative Plaque Archives. Trees have a natural life span, usually between 25 and 100 years. When a Recognition/Commemorative tree reaches the end of its natural life span or suffers damage or loss that requires its removal, that planting site becomes available again for a new tree planting opportunity.  At that time, if there is a plaque associated with the removed tree, the plaque will also be removed and placed in the Archives of the University of Idaho, unless another individual, group, or organization wishes to sponsor a new Recognition/Commemorative tree to be located at the site with the original plaque. This process allows for continuing opportunities for new Recognition/Commemorative trees to be placed on campus in perpetuity, while maintaining a record of all those honored in the past.  The UI Campus Interactive Map will also show that the tree has been removed from the site at this time, but will still contain the original donor information.

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