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80.01 – Alcohol Permits and Applications


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Last updated: December 07, 2009

A. Definitions.

A-1. Certificate of Insurance. A certificate issued by an insurance company or its agent that provides proof of insurance and complies with the appropriate request for certificate of insurance Qualified service providers for alcohol must show evidence of liquor liability, in addition to other types of coverage specified in the request for certificate of insurance. Qualified service providers for food must show evidence of food borne contamination, in addition to other types of coverage specified in the request for certificate of insurance.

A-2. Event sponsor/scheduler. Sponsors of university events are the university unit(s) responsible for the event. Sponsors are responsible for compliance with Board and university policies, and state and local laws, concerning consumption of alcohol. Non-university sponsors (of events on or in university property) may be individuals or organizations. Non-university sponsors must sign an indemnity agreement, provide the appropriate certificate of insurance, and submit the alcohol permit application to Auxiliaries. Sponsors are responsible for assembling the required information and tracking their application through the approval process.

A-3. Indemnity Agreement. Agreements in which non-university sponsor and service providers (alcohol and/or food) agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the State of Idaho, the Board of Regents of the University of Idaho, and State Board of Education from and against any and all claims arising out of the permitted event. University sponsors do not sign an indemnity agreement.

A-4. Non-Sodexo Application. Used by a caterer other than Sodexo who is a qualified alcohol and/or food service provider (this may only be used at a location other than the Moscow campus). The application (see C-1 below) contains instructions, copy of liquor license (for alcohol service providers), signed indemnity agreements (non-UI Sponsors/Alcohol and Food Service), and appropriate certificates of insurance.

A-5. Non-university sponsored event. Any event on or in university property where the event is not associated with the university's mission, and/or the event sponsor is not associated with the university.

A-6. Permitted events on non-university property. Refers to university sponsored events that are not on university-owned property, and that at a minimum, provide a signed indemnity agreement, a copy of a valid liquor license, and the appropriate certificate of insurance from the alcohol service provider (evidencing but not limited to liquor liability).

A-7. Permitted events on university property. Events on university-owned property, at which alcohol is served and that have gone through the process for permitting, including complying with the policies of the State Board of Education and Board of Regents of the University (Board), obtaining approval through the alcohol permit process by the University’s Department of Auxiliary Services (Auxiliaries) and of the President of the University of Idaho, and have been reported to the Board. See Board policy J in Section I.

A-8. Privatization Letter. The official document that lets the City of Moscow know that the alcohol event is sanctioned by the university and does not conflict with the university rules pertaining to alcohol use on campus. [add. 12-09]

A-9. Qualified service provider. A provider for alcohol and food who has a liquor license (for alcohol), has signed the required indemnity agreement, has provided the appropriate certificate of insurance, and has documentation of these requirements on file with Auxiliaries. [ren. 12-09]

A-10. Sodexo Application. For use by events held on the University of Idaho Moscow campus which does not require a qualification of alcohol and/or food service provider. Sodexo has exclusive rights to alcohol and beverage service on the university Moscow campus. [ren. 12-09]

A-11.Timeline and checklist. A one-page, "at a glance" guide to the alcohol permit process for all documents that are required by sponsors, alcohol service providers, and food service providers. [ren. 12-09]

A-12.University sponsored event. Any event, in which the university's name is used in association with the event, and/or the university funds, controls or sponsors the event. Such events must be consistent with the university's mission. [ren. 12-09]

B. Policy. Alcohol applications are required for all permitted events in which any beverage containing alcoholic liquor, as defined in Idaho Code Section 23-105, is served. Alcohol may not be sold or consumed at an event unless and until the event receives an alcohol permit. The event must be consistent with Board policies and procedures, Section I, see A-1 above. Events occurring on the University of Idaho Moscow campus require the use of Sodexo. Events that do not utilize Sodexo must be catered by a qualified service provider (see A-8 above), who has on file a signed indemnity agreement, a copy of the liquor license (for alcohol service providers), and the appropriate certificate of insurance. Alcohol is not permitted at student athletic events (NCAA, NIT, NAIA and intramural student athletic events).

C. Process/Procedure.

C-1. Application Request. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor/scheduler to obtain the alcohol application from Auxiliaries. Depending on which type of service provider is applicable, Auxiliaries will provide either a Sodexo or non-Sodexo application. Regardless of which application is received, it is the event sponsor/scheduler's responsibility to see that the paperwork is completed and returned to Auxiliaries. Alcohol applications can be obtained by calling Auxiliaries at (208) 885-5500, emailing auxiliaries, or at Wallace Complex Rm. 221, located at 1080 W. Sixth St., Moscow, Idaho 83844.

C-2. Application Submittal. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor/scheduler to return a fully completed application form and all required documents to Auxiliaries at least thirty (30) business days prior to the event. The event sponsor/scheduler may return the application and required documents via fax (208) 885-5904 or campus mail 2014. Only qualified service providers may provide catering for a permitted event. Fully completed applications will include the appropriate signed indemnity agreements (non-UI sponsor/alcohol and food service), liquor license copies (alcohol service provider), and certificates of insurance (non-UI sponsor/alcohol and food service). Sodexo is a qualified service provider, on the Moscow campus of the university, for both alcohol and food service. Additionally, permitted events that are located outside a public building will require a privatization letter. Auxiliaries recommends that the timeline and checklist form, included with the application materials, be used by the sponsor to guide the preparation and submission of the needed documents. [rev. 12-09]

C-3. Application Approval. The application is reviewed and approved by the Assistant Vice President of Auxiliaries. At the request of Auxiliaries, the Office of Risk Management (Risk) assists in reviewing documents submitted by service providers who wish to become qualified. For information about qualified vendors, see A-8. For information about non-Sodexo qualified vendors, contact Risk at (208) 885-7177. Risk maintains a list of alcohol service providers who have qualified in the past, and maintains any current documentation. Please note that an application is required for each permitted event, even if the service provider is qualified. For permitted events on university property, final approval is made by the President. Auxiliaries will notify the sponsor via e-mail when the application is approved.

D. Contact Information. Questions or comments regarding the alcohol application or the related policies or procedures can be directed by calling Auxiliaries (208) 885-5500, faxing 885-5904, or by visiting the Auxiliary Services website[ed. 7-17]

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