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3760 - Educational Privilege


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Last updated: January 01, 2015

A. POLICY. Enrollment in the university for reduced fees ($20 registration fee plus $5 a credit) is a privilege extended to the following members of the UI community: (1) faculty members emeriti, honored staff retirees, and their spouses, (2) members of the affiliate faculty not otherwise considered employees (See also Section 3740), and (3) non-remarried widows or widowers whose spouses' deaths occurred while they were in the employ of, on official leave from, or retired from UI. (See also Section 3750 F.) Employees at other four-year higher education institutions and state agencies under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Education are eligible for this privilege. This educational privilege is subject to the provisions, interpretations and limitations contained in the following subsections. Fees waived under this privilege may be subject to tax liability.

B. LIMITATION TO REGULAR PROGRAMS AND TERMS. This educational privilege is limited to six credits in a semester, three credits in the summer session, and three credits per year in intersession courses. Full fees and applicable tuition are charged for those credits that exceed the specified limit; the privilege does not apply to full-time students. This privilege does not apply to continuing education courses, correspondence courses, or courses offered through Independent Study in Idaho.

Employees at other four-year higher education institutions and state agencies under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Education are limited to courses that are offered in a traditional classroom setting (i.e. face-to-face, same location, instructors and students) during a regular academic session or intersession period. Specifically, courses taught via extended education methods (e.g. web, hybrid, video-conferencing and other technologies), are excluded from this privilege.

C. LIMITATION TO ACADEMIC SERVICES. A person who is registered under this policy is entitled only to academic services (e.g., instruction and use of the library). Other services covered by regular full-time student fees, such as student health services, insurance, ASUI membership, student activities, and admission to athletic events, are not included. Special fees imposed for certain aspects of instruction, such as for special courses and programs, individual instruction in music, and course-related field trips, must be paid separately.

Version History

Amended January 2015. Revisions were made to remove the face-to-face requirement which put UI employees at off-site locations at a disadvantage to their counterparts in Moscow.

Amended July 2012. The discount for employees at other Idaho institutions was revised.

Amended July 2009. Editorial changes.

Amended July 2002. Editorial changes to A.

Amended July 1997. Editorial changes to B.

Adopted 1979.

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