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Shared Leave

Benefit-eligible employees who need time away from work due to their own serious medical condition or to care for an immediate family member with a serious medical condition may apply for shared leave. Shared leave is intended to bridge any gap between when an employee exhausts their sick/annual leave and when they begin receiving other benefits such as disability coverage or workers' compensation.

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Employees are eligible to receive shared leave if they:

  • Need time away from work for a qualified reason.
  • Have used all their available sick leave, annual leave and compensatory time.
  • If leave is needed for the employee’s own illness or injury, they must have applied for wage replacement benefits through short/long-term disability or workers’ compensation. Eligibility ends once benefits become available through disability coverage or workers’ compensation. If leave is needed for a family member’s medical condition, this requirement is waived.

How to Apply

Submit the Shared Leave Application Form. Benefit Services will confirm your eligibility and provide guidance on any necessary medical documentation.


Shared leave benefits are limited to four working weeks of leave (160 hours) within a rolling 12-month period. Employees who work less than full time are eligible for a proportionate amount of shared leave. For example, a half-time employee is limited to 80 hours of shared leave.

Employees on shared leave receive the full amount of their usual salary, just as if they were on sick leave.

Recipient Frequently Asked Questions

You must submit your application prior to the timesheet submission deadline for the pay period in which you need the shared leave. Please see the current Payroll Approval Deadlines calendar for the deadlines.

No, you must apply for Family and Medical Leave (FML) separately; however, the same medical documentation can be used for both FML and Shared Leave.

If approved, you can use up to four working weeks within a rolling 12-month period. Employees who work less than full time can use a proportionally reduced amount of shared leave.

Typically, no. Shared leave is designed for employees who have no other source of wages (including partial salary). However, if you need shared leave intermittently, you may apply for it and appeal the decision if necessary. Appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed.

Yes, if you are unable to complete the Shared Leave application, a family member or someone else can complete the form for you.

If you are requesting shared leave for your own serious illness or injury, then yes. One of the requirements of the program is that you have applied for other income replacement. Shared leave is only available until another benefit begins.

If the request is for a family member's serious illness or injury, that requirement is waived.

Employees who have accrued an annual leave balance above 40 hours may donate to the shared leave program. Donations may either be made directly to a specific shared leave recipient or be made to the shared leave pool for the use of any eligible recipient.

To donate, please complete the Shared Leave Donation Form.

Donor Frequently Asked Questions

Log onto VandalWeb, click on the Employee tab, then click on Leave Details under the Employment Details tab.

The minimum donation is 0.5 hours.

There is no set maximum donation, but you must not let your annual leave bank fall below 40 hours, unless you are leaving employment with the university and donating leave at that time.

No, you may only donate annual leave through the shared leave program.

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