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Gaining Idaho State Residency

New students enrolling at the College of Law have numerous ways to qualify for residency. Answers to questions on your application for admission are used to make an initial determination of your residency status. If you believe you are incorrectly categorized during the admissions process, simply contact our Office of Admissions at 208-885-2300 to discuss why you may qualify for resident tuition.

Residency classification for tuition determination at the University of Idaho is governed by Idaho Statute §33-3717B and Idaho Administrative Code 08.01.04.

After the initial determination of residency, non-resident students that enroll at the College of Law may apply by the tenth day of the fall or spring semester to convert to a resident.

The most common pathway for law students to gain residency for tuition purposes is the “Independent Student” pathway, which requires that the student:

  • receive less than 50% of the student's support from a parent or legal guardian;
  • have continuously resided in Idaho for 12 months preceding the opening day of the term; and
  • have maintained a bona fide domicile in the state of Idaho primarily for purposes other than educational for 12 months preceding the opening day of the term.

The “bona fide domicile” requirement in this pathway presumes that while you are in Idaho to attend law school, your primary purpose is more than educational. Meaning, even if a student moved to Idaho at the same time as enrolling in law school, it is presumed that by applying for residency your primary purpose was to relocate in state. The documentation needed to pursue this pathway includes:

  1. Proof of continuous residence through a deed or lease.
  2. Proof of current full-time enrollment (print off your unofficial transcript).
  3. Your parents’ taxes to show they did not claim you and you’re truly independent. If you’re 26 or over you do NOT need to include your parents’ taxes and can include a copy of your own taxes instead.

Students who meet these requirements and supply documentation qualify for tuition at the in-state resident rate for their second year at the College. Please refer to the University’s Residency website for additional information. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the College of Law Admissions Office.


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