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The Office of Civil Rights and Investigations (OCRI) offers touchstone trainings to departments, units, student groups or any other organization desiring to further their knowledge in these areas. Trainings are typically conducted by the director of OCRI, collaborating with other content experts as needed. The lecture-style trainings are interactive and engaging, and attendees will leave with knowledge and resources they can apply in everyday scenarios.

Additionally, OCRI can tailor content to fit your specific needs. On the Request a Training form, please select “Custom” from the presentation selection dropdown.

Available Trainings

University of Idaho faculty and staff are invited to a training session on handling disclosures of interpersonal violence from students. After attending this training, you will gain:

  1. An understanding of your obligations as a university employee, Title IX processes
  2. Increased confidence in handling disclosures
  3. Increased knowledge of resources and referrals, and
  4. Increased knowledge of after-the-fact self-care.

This opportunity is open to all University of Idaho employees. Bring your questions and concerns!

30 minute, 1 hour or 1.5 hour (EDL credit eligible for 60 or 90 minute options)

Sexual Harassment detracts from a productive work or educational environment. This training provides you with foundational information on how to identify sexual harassment as a recipient or a bystander. It will also cover the role you can play in preventing or confronting the behaviors.

This training can be adapted to meet various time constraints.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education programs and activities that receive federal funds. Sex discrimination includes sexual violence and gender-based harassment. This training will provide a brief overview of Title IX as it applies to the University of Idaho and relevant definitions. Additionally, we will cover what the Title IX investigation process looks like.

30 minute, 1 hour (investigation process)

Staff and faculty from across the university are invited to attend a training aimed at providing a brief overview about the ADA(AA) and increasing awareness of U of I policies, procedures and resources surrounding ADA.

This session will explore interpersonal behavior in various social and professional situations, and include examples of how participant’s behavior may be misconstrued as inappropriate or harassing, including sexual in nature, and the consequences of these kinds of behaviors. It will also cover social norms such as body space, body language and direct communication.

In this workshop, we invite employees to learn more about what protections and rights exist under Title VII and Title IX. During this session you’ll learn how the University of Idaho responds to reports of discrimination and gain a better understanding of what happens in an investigation process once a complaint is filed.

Under the guidance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the ADA Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the Office of Civil Rights and Investigations, has created service animal guidelines for University of Idaho employees.

Animals on Campus - Service and Assistance Animals Training

This is a training geared towards faculty that provides the basics of the ADA as well as what the accommodation process is like for students, what a faculty’s role and responsibilities are and how we can all play a role in minimizing barriers for students with disabilities.

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