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MyUI Dashboard

In response to demand for a unified online experience for students and employees, the Office of Information Technology has launched a university dashboard called MyUI ( Hosted on the Ellucian Experience platform, MyUI offers each user a personalized dashboard that provides access to content and real-time data using individual configurable "cards." It also allows for integration of many software applications used across campus into one, single sign-on enabled, mobile experience.

Featured Content: Categories

Learn more about the Categories feature.

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Yes, MyUI will replace VandalWeb.

While a definite date has not been set yet, navigation in VandalWeb will be turned off during the Spring Semester, 2024. We will provide at least two weeks' notice.

Yes, MyUI will provide access to all the applications you had access to through VandalWeb.

Yes, there are knowledge base articles for all cards that have been created, they are available here.

There are multiple options. You can either;

  1. Use the MyUI Support Request card in MyUI or
  2. Email the MyUI team using

The MyUI dashboard integrates many disparate software applications and functionality into “cards”. These “cards” are used to categorize software to improve efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of student workflow.

You automatically have access via your Vandal account. Go to and log in with your credentials.

Having trouble? Please contact OIT support.

The goal of the MyUI project is to capture and optimize every aspect of the digital student experience in one single sign-on dashboard.

  • To view what functionality is currently available: Click on the “Discover More” button.
  • Are you not seeing what you are looking for? Send us a suggestion through the “Provide Feedback” link in the menu, or by clicking on the “Provide Feedback” card on your MyUI dashboard.
  • We are always looking to improve new and current functionality. If you would like exclusive access to test software that has not yet been released, become a tester.


Within the MyUI dashboard:

  • Click on the menu button in the top left-hand corner > “Resource links” > “Provide Feedback”.
  • Click the image on the “Provide Feedback” card that comes preinstalled on your dashboard.

Join the MyUI tester group.

There is a card on the dashboard titled “Support Request.” Fill in the short form to create an IT ticket and a member of our team will work with you to resolve the issue. If you cannot log on to MyUI, submit a ticket for the Information Technology team at

Featured Content: Categories

Categories are curated lists of cards that follow a specific theme or showcase the cards that apply to specific functionality.

The categories are maintained by the Office of Information Technology. If you feel a card should be added to or removed from a category, submit feedback via the MyUI dashboard.

Previously Featured Content

What is the Class Schedule card?

The Class Schedule card allows you to view the schedule of your courses for a given day (for current and previous semesters). You can navigate the calendar by the week and select an individual day to view the scheduled classes for any day of the week. You can also view more detailed class information by selecting a class from the calendar.

What information is accessible in the Class Schedule card?

The Class Schedule card displays a daily calendar with classes scheduled for that day, including the building and room number. When clicking on a course in the schedule, a drill-down view shows credits, meeting info (dates/times and building/room), the instructor, and the instructor’s email address. You can navigate between dates and weeks to view the class schedule for a given day.

Why is “Credits: 0” shown when I select a course on my schedule?

The actual credit for a course is not displayed until grades are entered in Banner for that class. This is a known issue that the MyUI team is working to resolve. Until that time, you can verify the credits for a class by checking your Student Profile or Degree Audit.

Previously Featured Videos

Class Schedule

This video provides a walkthrough of the Class Schedule card available in MyUI and what you can expect when using the card.

Registration Card

This video provides a walkthrough of the Registration card and the features offered.

Fee Credit

This video provides an overview of the Fee Credit card and where relevant information can be found.

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