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Magic Valley Working Group

President Scott Green has asked this working group to finalize a white paper focused on a strategic path forward for the University of Idaho site in Jerome which is currently branded the Discovery Center. The group should explore the options for a facility that will be a strategic companion to the research dairy and attract stakeholders to the site for educational reasons, in addition to tourism.

The group should consider the Points Consulting feasibility study in the conclusions for the white paper including a name change and branding for the center and expanding the tourism and agricultural focus to include recommendations for certificates, degrees and programs we could offer to serve the Magic Valley’s educational and workforce needs. The white paper should answer the question of how University of Idaho can partner with College of Southern Idaho to develop programming and which programs, from all colleges could be offered from a local facility. An audit of programs we can offer within current SBOE guidelines would result in recommendations for early opportunities to market existing degrees and research focused on programs where demand has been identified in the Magic Valley. The white paper should also include recommendations for future focus areas and opportunities and include a robust ROI analysis.

The final white paper recommendations will guide architectural and design decisions for the facility.

The working group was divided into the three focus areas below:

  1. Academic
  2. Research
  3. Outreach and Tourism

Magic Valley Working Group Members


  • Michael Parrella, Dean – CALS
  • Sean Quinlan, Dean – CLASS
  • Barbara Petty, Associate Dean CALS and Director of U of I Extension

Executive Sponsor

  • Chandra Zenner Ford, Office of the President and CEO SW Idaho

Academic Group

Lead: Sean Quinlan, Dean, CLASS

  • Miranda Anderson – Associate Clinical Professor, Interior Design, CAA
  • Shauna Corry – Dean, College of Art and Architecture
  • Traci Craig – Associate Dean, CLASS
  • Gwen Gorzelski – Vice Provost, Academic Initiatives
  • Dan Hickman – Associate Professor of Economics
  • Jerry Long – Professor, College of Law
  • Barry Pate – Dean, Career and Technical Education, CSI
  • Waageeshaa (Rosh) Prakash (scribe) – U of I Junior, English and Pre-Med
  • Taylor Raney – Associate Chair, Director of Teacher Education and Clinical Associate Professor, EHHS
  • Caroline Nilsson Troy – Director Governmental Relations

Research Group

Lead: Michael Parrella, Dean, CALS

  • Sheila Hennessey – Director of Strategic Corporate Partnerships
  • Suzie Long – Dean, College of Engineering
  • Barrie Robison – Professor and Director, Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Sciences
  • Carly Schoepflin (scribe) – Director, CALS Communications and Strategic Initiatives
  • Todd Schwarz – Provost, CSI
  • Brian Small – Professor and Director of Hagerman Fish Culture and Experiment Station
  • Daniele Tonina – Professor and co-Director, Center for Ecohydraulics Research

Outreach and Tourism

Lead: Barbara Petty, Associate Dean CALS and Director of Extension

  • Gerard Billington – Real Estate Officer, DFA
  • Yolanda Bisbee – Chief Diversity Officer and Executive Director, Tribal Relations
  • Amy Calabretta (scribe) – Marketing and Communications Manager, CALS
  • Elissa Clark – Working Training Director, Idaho Dairyman’s Association
  • Larry Hall - Executive Director, Jerome 2020
  • Diane Norton – Tourism Manager, Idaho Department of Commerce
  • Brent Olmstead – Director of Governmental and External Relations, CALS
  • Julie Son – Professor of Recreation, Sport and Tourism Management

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