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Research and Restoration

A Living Laboratory

The 10,400-acre Rinker Rock Creek Ranch doubles as a living laboratory where science-based practices for land managers are developed.

Rinker Rock Creek Ranch is an outstanding backdrop for rangeland research opportunities. Science conducted here can provide important insight into range conservation, potentially help producers improve economic return, enhance wildlife habitat and sustainably meet the needs of a variety of users.

When combined with the surrounding public land, the ranch sits within a watershed that is almost entirely protected from development. As a result, the full function of the water cycle in the Big Wood River watershed is captured and researchers can draw conclusions from a comprehensive scale. Rinker Rock Creek Ranch has limited infrastructure, few roads and the natural habitats are in good condition. Wildlife of interest — including sage-grouse and pygmy rabbits — are present.

Ranch operations around the state can benefit from the science and restoration conducted here. Having both private and public lands to graze on is common in Idaho, so the setting is not far removed from what many ranchers are used to. Livestock research conducted at the Nancy M. Cummings Research, Extension and Education Center can be enhanced with comparative research on open range at Rinker Rock Creek Ranch.

Interested in conducting research or education at the ranch? Online form. Please review site fees (pdf). Those visiting the ranch should complete a risk waiver (pdf).

Coexisting in Wet Meadows

Grazing research to evaluate strategies that work for sage-grouse and livestock.

Monitoring Rangelands

Learning how to use drones to measure and monitor rangeland ecosystems.

Comparative Cattle Grazing

Evaluating impacts of grazing cow-calf systems on range vs. irrigated pasture.

Annual Grass Management

Managing annual grasses in range ecosystems to reduce wildfire risk and promote healthier plants.

Selected research and restoration projects underway at the ranch

Mimicking Beavers as a Tool to Restore Degraded Stream Systems

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Snacking on Salix: Livestock Browsing in Rangeland Riparian Areas

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Restoring Native Plant Communities

Research assesses herbicide for restoring plant communities at Rinker Rock Creek Ranch

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