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University Honors Program Scholarships

All first-year student applicants are automatically considered for University Honors Program scholarships. Applicants do not need to apply again for scholarships. The scholarships renew up to three times as long as students meet the program requirements. University Honors Program scholarships range from $250 to $1,000 per year based on merit and financial need. Students who accept their Honors Program scholarship offer are expected to serve as Honors Peer Mentors upon completion of their first year in the program. Honors Peer Mentors connect with prospective and new students through curricular and co-curricular activities to be determined by the program staff.

Please visit the Student Financial Aid Services scholarships webpage for more information.

National Merit Scholars

Interested high school students who will be National Merit Scholars can find important information about University of Idaho financial opportunities for finalists on the Student Financial Aid Services webpage.

Our institutional award covers basic registration fees/tuition and the university-defined cost for room and board for a traditional undergraduate living in a U of I residence hall. National Merit Scholar finalists are also directly admitted to the University Honors Program if they choose to enroll at the University of Idaho their first semester of undergraduate studies.

University Honors Program Grants for Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

University Honors Program students are highly encouraged to engage in undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities. Our program offers grant monies each year of up to $1,000 per student engaging or planning on engaging in such opportunities. The University Honors Program Grants for Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship are particularly suited for students interested in completing an honors thesis. Please contact our office at to find out more about grant deadlines and to obtain application materials.

Students are also highly encouraged to participate in the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on the Moscow campus. Honors students who receive one of our University Honors Program Grants for Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship are required to present their research at this symposium held each year in April at the University of Idaho.

Students interested in finding out more about national competitive scholarships, fellowships and grants for summer research, language program and graduate school program funding, including Rhodes and Fulbright programs, please contact Dilshani Sarathchandra, coordinator of the Distinguished Scholarships Program at the University of Idaho, at Please also visit the program home page.

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