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Honors Program Course Contract

Honors Program Course Contract Step-by-Step Guide

Please read carefully as the course contract completion process has changed!

Honors Program students may use a limited number of course contracts towards program requirements. Please follow the step-by-step guide below in order to ensure that your course contract work can be accepted for honors credits.

  1. During the first week of classes, visit with your course instructor and ask if they would be willing to discuss additional honors-level assignments and/or activities related to their course syllabus for course contract work. Please do not delay this conversation as instructors get busy and may not grant you this option once the semester is underway.
  2. After agreeing with your course instructor on the specific course contract work, write down a summary of the work and share a copy with your instructor. Try to keep the summary to no more than 300 words.
  3. Complete your course contract work.
  4. No later than finals week of the semester for which you are completing the course contract, complete the Honors Program Course Contract Final Review Form below, where you will need to submit your activity summary and related information. After final review of your course contract, your honors credits will be entered in an internal data base. Please remember that course contract credits are NOT listed on your transcript/degree audit. 

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