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Registration, Transcripts, and Fees for Independent Study in Idaho

Each course offered through the ISI program is sponsored by one of four Cooperating Idaho Institutions. Admission to these institutions is not required or granted when registering for an ISI course. Idaho residents and out-of-state students pay the same per-credit fee. Fees do not include textbooks, software or lab fees. Please review the Refund Schedule, listed below, before registering for a course.

Undergraduate Courses (100-400 level) cost $160 per credit and $30 non-refundable administrative fee per course.

Graduate Courses (500 level) cost $200 per credit and $30 non-refundable administrative fee per course.

There are no additional, out-of-state registration fees for students whose permanent residence is outside of Idaho.

Follow these instructions to register:

  • Select a course from Courses.
  • It is recommended that degree seeking students obtain written confirmation that credits earned through ISI will be accepted and applied to their degrees as expected prior to registration.
  • Review Course Fees.
  • Review Refund Schedule.
  • Register for a class online. It can take up to three business days to complete your registration and receive a registration confirmation email. Instructions for how to set up accounts and log on to your course are included in the registration confirmation email. You do not need to apply for admission to any of the cooperating schools.
  • Order textbooks and other course materials from an online bookseller or from the VandalStore.

Courses dropped within 45 days of registration qualify for either a full or 50% refund (see below). After 45 days payments are nonrefundable, regardless of the student's progress in the course.

  • Full Course Credit Fee Refund: The ISI office must receive the drop request within 21 days from the registration date.
  • 50% Course Credit Fee Refund: The drop request must be received by the ISI office between 22 and 45 days from the registration date.
  • Administrative fees and third party payments are nonrefundable.
  • Course credit fee will be refunded minus $25 for each assignment/exam already submitted.

Refunds will be processed no sooner than 15 days after the registration date. Credit card payments are applied to the credit card.

The payer is responsible for understanding fee payment and refunds policies and additional collection fees for charges assigned to an outside collection agency.

Use this form to drop a class and, when applicable, request a refund.

Within 45 days of registration, courses are eligible for one course exchange. Course exchanges can be used to exchange one class for another if a student realizes they registered for the wrong course.

  • One course exchange per registration is allowed.
  • The exchange must be made within 45 days of registration.
  • The course completion date will remain the same as the original registration.
  • A nonrefundable $30 fee must be paid when exchanging a course, plus $25 for any assignment/exam submitted for the original course.
  • If the new course carries more credit than the original course, and if the new course is graduate level, the student will be charged for any additional credits or differences in fees.
  • If the new course carries less credit than the original course, or if the student is transferring from the graduate to undergraduate level, the difference will be refunded according to the refund schedule (see Refund Schedule).

Use this form to request a course exchange.

Official transcripts may be purchased from the credit-granting institution. ISI does not send out transcripts. For questions about transcripts, please contact the registrar’s office at the institution that sponsored your course (this information can be found on Canvas and on your course syllabus).

  • Wait at least three business days after receiving the Course Completion Letter before contacting the transcript office; the Office of the Registrar must record the grade before the course will appear on a transcript.
  • Official transcripts may be purchased from the credit-granting institution. ISI does not send out transcripts.
  • For contact information and information on which semester a final grade is recorded on the transcript, see Cooperating Institutions and locate the Transcripts section.


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