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Vanessa Otero Jiménez

Vanessa Otero Jiménez

Postdoctoral Fellow


IRIC, Room 228



Mailing Address

Department of Soil and Water Systems
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2340
Moscow, ID 83844-2340

Vanessa evaluates how different soil management strategies (crop diversity, intercropping, compost addition, livestock-crop integration) can influence an agroecosystem through holistic approach (microbial community diversity, function, soil enzyme activities, etc.).

Ph.D., Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2022
M.S., Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2011
B.S., Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, 2001

  • Microbial ecology
  • Organic matter degradation
  • Microorganism-microorganism/plant-microorganism relationship
  • Soil biogeochemistry
  • Enzymatic activities
  • Molecular biology
  • Genomic and metagenomic
  • Bioinformatics
  • Climate change

  • Applied Soil Ecology (2021). Impact of rice straw management strategies on rice rhizosphere microbiomes. V167 (2021)104036.
  • Genomics Data (2017). Genome sequencing of three bacteria associated with black band disease from a Colombian reef-building coral. V.11 p. 73-74. DOI:
  • Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical (2014). Actividad antiplasmódica y hemolítica de extractos etanólicos y fracciones obtenidas de Cecropia membranacea Trécul. y Cecropia metensis Cuatrec. (sin. Cecropia peltata var. candida Velásquez). 2014. v.66 fasc.1 p.58 – 70
  • Revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud (2007). Análisis de resistencia genotípica en pacientes infectados con VIH-1 en tres departamentos de la Costa Caribe Colombiana. 2007. v.27 fasc.2 p.160.
  • Revista Cubana de Salud Pública (2006). Presencia del gen de invasividad invA en cepas de Salmonella spp. Aisladas de alimentos del caribe colombiano. 32(2):115-120.

I’m a Colombian scientist passionate about outdoor activities, hiking, biking, riding a horse, dancing, cooking, watching movies and other ones, also, I love to read.

  • Awared tesis - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá, Colombia, 2022.
  • Faculty grant - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá, Colombia, 2009.
  • Awarded young research - Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación – Colciencias. Bogotá, Colombia, 2006


University of Idaho

Physical Address:
E. J. Iddings Agricultural Science Laboratory, Rm 242
606 S Rayburn St

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2340
Moscow, ID 83844-2340