Animal Physiology, Ph.D.

Make novel discoveries in animal science.

Innovations in animal science contribute to responsible breeding practices, meat and dairy quality and production, the general well-being of animals, and other important areas of the fast-changing animal agriculture industry.

As a doctoral student, you will gain the advanced knowledge and independent research skills to make your own mark on the field. You will conduct original research on a topic that interests you in the form of a dissertation and publish two or more articles of your experiments and findings in an academic periodical.

Specializations include animal growth, nutrition and reproduction.

This program could be a good fit if you:

  • Hold a master’s degree in animal or health sciences
  • Want to lead original research in the field
  • Have a desire to positively advance animal agriculture
  • Have strong research and critical-thinking skills

With this degree, you could become a/an:

  • Professor
  • Industry consultant
  • Research scientist

Available On-Campus

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