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Travel Web Entry FAQ

Non-Travel Purchasing Card Claims (NT): Click on the "Purchasing Card" tab in the menu along the top of the screen. Then click on the "Completed Claims" button in the left hand menu. Look under "Expense Claims Awaiting Department Approval" to view the claims that are waiting to be approved. The names of the approvers are listed under the "Electronic Approvers" column along with their approval status. The approver will have a note after their name that says "Pending Approval" if the claim is waiting for their approval.

Purchasing Card Travel (PC), Advances, and Travel Reimbursement Claims (CL): If you go into the "Trip Summary" you will see who has approved the claim under the "Trip Comments" along with any comments that have been added to the Trip. If a person has not approved the Trip the notation after their name will say "Pending Approval" instead of the date the claim was approved.

To tell if the Advance is approved, scroll down and look under the Advance section of the trip. Next to "Electronic Approvals" you will see the names of the approvers and the approval status. If the Advance has been approved the notation will have the date of approval. If it still needs to be approved the notation will say "Pending Approval" after the approvers name.

To see if a Purchasing Card Travel Claim (PC) or Travel Reimbursement Claim (CL) has been approved you will need to scroll down to the "Claims" section of the Trip Summary. Click on the claim number you are inquiring about. This will take you to the Claim Summary. Under the "Electronic Approvals" heading you will find a list of approvers and their approval status. A date indicates that the claim has been approved by that approver and when. If the claim still needs to be approved the notation will say "Pending Approval".

Once someone lists your V number as an approver or traveler, the system will automatically give you access to the approval processes.

Yes, each form within the web application requires the electronic signature approvals to be identified once the form is submitted. Accounts Payable requires the traveler or cardholder's signature and one other who has the authority to approve the documents. However, the Colleges and Departments on campus may have other signature requirements for their area. You should verify who needs to approve your documents by contacting the financial office in your area.

  1. Can I continue to use the blanket authorizations I have already? Currently I attach a copy of the Authorization to each submission. Yes.

  2. Will current Travel Authorizations "roll" into the new system? All the current documents that have been submitted will be available, only the submission and image storage has changed.

  3. Should I do new blanket authorizations with the new format so that the authorizations are on file with electronic signatures? Then can I continue to have multiple claims on the blankets? It is up to you whether to do new authorizations, but I would think that you could use the one that currently has been approved, as long as you identify on the claims where the authorization can be found (on which document) in case we need to verify the information. Or you could attach a copy of the authorization to the claim.

Once all of the claims that were created before the new system was implemented are processed we will no longer be accepting paper copies of claim. You will need to attach documents to the claims electronically.

You will still be able to submit paper claims that were created prior to the conversion. However, if the claim needs to be returned for corrections, at that point it will be processed using the electronic enhancements.

No, staging is a testing environment and will not transfer to production. Only the trips created in production will be there.

Yes, students can be approvers on claims. From the main menu in VandalWeb students should click "Student Account Information".

On the Student Account Menu they will then click "Travel Web Approvals" in order to approve their claims.

Accounts Payable is available to present information or train a group. Please email with your availability.


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