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Promotional Expenses

Along with its role and mission of providing higher education for the state of Idaho, U of I serves as a center for social and cultural activities and events. The university, its officers and its faculty are often called upon to sponsor, support or participate in various business functions and events. These functions and events, referred to as "official business or social functions," can take many forms, including business meetings, public relations and others. While the expenditure of university funds for such purposes is necessary and appropriate while serving the best interests of the community and students, it is important to note that U of I is a steward of the public trust, as it relates to public funds. The guiding principle should be that expenditures are for the good of the university, represent a valid business purpose and are necessary. Expenditures of this nature will be reimbursed by the university only when such activities are directly related to the objectives and mission of the university and are properly reviewed and approved.

Entertainment Form

U of I Co-Sponsoring of Non-University Events

The university considers the sponsorship as an acceptable use of university funds. A representative from U of I must act as a primary contact for the event.

  • Funding Type: Local or gift funds
  • Approval: Dean or VP approval level
  • Payment Method: Reimbursement to employee or direct payment to vendor. Services require a signed Service Contract through Purchasing Services included on the Claim Voucher form.


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