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Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)

The Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.S.Tech) degree program in Industrial Technology at the University of Idaho is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Learning Outcomes and Competencies

The INDT program differs from many other degree programs that are accredited by ATMAE, in that our curriculum focuses on academic knowledge and capabilities, rather than on crafts skills such as welding, metalwork and machine operation. The program’s present general learning outcomes and more specific competencies are as follows:

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome 1: Our graduates are prepared to design, implement and improve processes and systems in the manufacturing, research and development, service or government sectors.

Competencies: They are able to:

  • Apply theories and principles from mathematics, physical science, and computer applications and information technology to solve practical technology problems.
  • Apply quality, safety, and industrial technology skills in a professional work environment within real world constraints.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of robotics and manufacturing equipment to solve practical technology and engineering problems.
  • Apply the principles of cognitive systems and human performance to perform task analyses and evaluate human-computer/machine interfaces.
  • Interpret, describe, and implement information contained in typical project specifications.

Learning Outcome 2: Our graduates are prepared to succeed in managerial and leadership positions.

Competencies: They are able to:

  • Demonstrate project management skills by applying time value of money, select and implement cost-effective solutions and understand cost-accounting and effective scheduling principles.
  • Develop, motivate, direct, and assist teams in applying critical thinking concepts to solve technology and engineering problems.
  • Identify customer project goals, financial needs, timeline constraints, and other customer service based efforts.

Learning Outcome 3: Our graduates are prepared to communicate with team members, customers, and suppliers in the global environment.

Competencies: They are able to:

  • Demonstrate good written and oral communication skills and use current multimedia tools to convey information.
  • Draw conclusions from and explain information synthesized from several sources.
  • Manage dispute resolution to mutually beneficial accord.

Learning Outcome 4 Our graduates are prepared to engage in today's evolving market place.

Competencies: They are able to:

  • Analyze contemporary issues for pertinence and potential impacts.
  • Describe and evaluate professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt emerging technologies.
  • Recognize and evaluate the impact of engineering decisions in a global and societal context.
  • Put into practice the concepts of service learning.

American Society of Engineering Management Certified Program Badge

The University of Idaho College of Engineering graduate program in Engineering Management is certified through 2024 by the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM).

Program Outcomes

  • To expand and reinforce your existing engineering skill set
  • To thoroughly examine the roles and responsibilities of an engineering manager
  • To provide you with a solid foundation in engineering management and business approaches, tools and practices
  • To prepare you with the knowledge and skills you will need to effectively lead a technical team
  • To improve the communication skills required for success in an engineering leadership role

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