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40.05 - Architectural and Engineering Services


  • Position: Director, Facilities
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Last updated: August 18, 2005

A. General. Architectural and Engineering Services (A&E Services) provides to UI the full range of architectural services related to the planning, programming, design, document production, cost estimation, bidding, and construction observation of capital projects and maintenance, alteration, and repair projects. A&E Services is the department on campus that contracts with technical consultants, bids, and manages construction contracts, coordinates with the State Division of Public Works for legislative appropriated design and construction efforts and maintains the historical archive of documents and operations manuals for all campus facilities. A&E Services is composed of the following sections:

Facility Design

CADD Center

Construction Management

B. Process. Requests for Capital Projects Annual Cycle. Capital projects are those projects with a scope of approximately $50,000 or greater. The majority of the capital projects underway within the design section are generated through the annual “call for projects” efforts coordinated by he Department of Capital Planning and Budget. The net result of the annual call is a funded, prioritized list of design and construction efforts to be completed.

B-1. Requests for Minor Projects. Departmental requests for minor construction or renovation projects with a scope of approximately $50,000 or less, should be directed to Facilities Project Center, at (208) 885-9055. The Project Center may determine that they are able to complete the departmental requirements with little or no involvement on the part of A&E Services. If, however, the Project Center determines design and/or engineering expertise is needed, they will forward the request to A&E Services. [ed. 7-12]

B-2. Requests for Carpets and Window Treatment. [See 40.24 (B-7)].

B-3. Requests for Assistance in the Planning and Programming of Desired Projects. A&E Services works closely with those campus departments charged with the responsibility to plan and program new projects. Capital Planning and Budget is the campus unit responsible for the development of the campus capital strategy and capital development plan. Departments wishing to determine funding strategies and sources for their desired capital project efforts should begin by contacting Capital Planning and Budget at (208) 885-7044.

i) Campus and Facility Planning. Campus and Facility Planning is the campus unit responsible for the planning and programming of capital development projects once a capital strategy is identified and accepted. [See 40.03].

ii) A&E Services Support. A&E Services supports the roles and missions of both Capital Planning & Budget and Campus & Facilities Planning as projects move through the processes associated with funding strategies, Regents approval and predesign phases by providing scope assessment, technical assessment, and cost estimating services.

B-4. Requests for Reproduction of Blueprints, Large Format Photo Copies, Large Format Plots. The CADD Center maintains and operates a blueprint machine, a large format engineering copier, large format document scanner and an ink-jet engineering plotter. Each of these pieces of equipment will handle up to a 30” x 42” original. Departments, faculty, staff, and students may have their documents and work reproduced by contacting the CADD Center Supervisor at (208) 885-7250. There is a nominal fee, based upon the desired size of the product, which is intended to cover costs of paper, ink, toner, and maintenance [See Print Charge List].

B-5. Requests for Computer Renderings and Models. The CADD Center produces computer generated renderings and photographic models for presentation and marketing purposes of planned and proposed projects. Availability of this service is dependent upon the work load within the CADD Center which varies at any given time. Please contact the CADD Center at (208) 885-7250 for information.

B-6. Requests for Building Reference Plans. A&E Services maintains a file of floor by floor reference plans for each facility on campus. Please contact the CADD Center at (208) 885-7250, for information.

B-7. Requests for Archive Information. A&E Services maintains an archive vault of record drawing information, specifications, and operations and maintenance manuals for each facility on campus. Please contact the CADD Center at (208) 885-7250 for information.

B-8. Requests for Campus Utility Maps. The CADD Center works in conjunction with the Infrastructure Systems and Plant Engineering Section to maintain an accurate data base of the campus roadway and utility infrastructure and systems. Please contact the CADD Center at (208) 885-7250 for information.

C. Contractor Disturbances, Interference, etc. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns with the manner in which any construction contractor is conducting operations while on campus, please notify the UI Construction Management Office at (208) 885-7250. A&E Services is especially interested in information regarding potential hazards to life safety, allegations of sexual harassment, and disruption of delivery of academic services.

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