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6220 - Political Activities and University Programs


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Last updated: July 01, 2007


A. Students
B. Activities Invited as Part of University Programs
C. Facilities
D. General Restrictions

A. STUDENTS. [See also 2200 II.] Student associations officially recognized by UI are free to invite and to hear any person at their meetings. (The ASUI maintains a list of recognized student associations.) Routine procedures required by UI before a guest speaker is invited to appear on campus are designed only to ensure orderly scheduling of facilities and adequate preparation for the event. After the speaker is invited, the event may be subject to limitations in cases of clear and present danger of immediate violence.

B. ACTIVITIES INVITED AS PART OF UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS. Stimulating students' civic interests and furthering their general education is an important goal of a university. Therefore, faculty members and administrators may sponsor political speeches, political debates, political workshops, mock party conventions, and similar activities whenever, in the opinion of the sponsoring faculty member or administrator, the activity contributes to the course or program for which he or she is responsible. The sponsor is accountable to the university (via immediate supervisor) for sound judgment in such activities with the expectation that the reasons for the activities will be stated in writing.

C. FACILITIES. UI facilities may be made available on approval by the president or the president's designee, usually the Facilities Scheduling Committee for meetings of groups or individuals who are not the invitees of UI faculty, recognized student organizations, or administrators [see APM 35.35].

D. GENERAL RESTRICTIONS. All use of UI facilities, for whatever purposes, is subject to the provisions of Section APM 35.35.

Version History

Amended 2007. Editorial changes.

Adopted July 1996.

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