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For Parents

If your student is involved in an incident that requires a meeting with a hearing officer, you may want to know how to best offer support. Our conduct process is designed to be educational and for students to advocate and speak for themselves. It is our hope that your student will gain self-advocacy skills, an appreciation for how to behave in a professional manner and learn how to be accountable for their behavior and choices. Your student might ask for support but also may request that you do not get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your student most likely received a notification letter outlining the allegation and an invitation to participate in the conduct process. This process is student centered and so unless your student shares information about the incident, you may not be aware of the totality of the report. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the university from sharing any information with you without explicit written consent from your student. This also empowers your student to effectively handle the situation themselves.

The hearing officer will provide a fair and respectful environment for your student. They will also offer support and resources to help your student through the process. Your student will have an opportunity to speak with the hearing officer to discuss the alleged violation(s). After speaking with your student and investigating the incident, the hearing officer will determine whether the student is responsible for the violation based on a preponderance of the evidence.

Part of your student’s Vandal experience is to make their own decisions and figure out how to navigate the consequences. You can help support your student by not jumping in to fix the problem but encouraging them to advocate for themselves.

The conduct process is different from the criminal justice process, so it is not necessary to hire an attorney in most situations. Students can have an advocate, advisor or friend attend the meeting, but the guest is not permitted to speak on the student’s behalf.

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