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Parents & Family

Joining a fraternity or sorority at the University of Idaho is an important decision in the life of your student, and you may be wondering how you can support them at that time and throughout their college years. We invite you to explore some strategies and other ways to help support them and membership experience below.

Supporting My Student

Take the time to research our website and the chapters here at the University of Idaho. Learning all that you can about our community can provide you and your student with a well-rounded understanding of their choices and will help you discuss what their options are before joining one of our chapters.

Each organization in our community comes with different personalities and values. Your student will choose the organization they feel comfortable joining and that aligns with their own values and personalities.

Have a conversation with your student about their academic plan and how they will balance their commitments to their education, personal life, and their new fraternity or sorority.

Each organization in our community comes with its own financial commitment that covers a variety of benefits; such as, room and board, meal plans, attire, and membership dues. It’s important to talk with your student about their plan for paying these dues prior to their decision of which organization to join. The average cost for a MGC organization is $300 per semester. The average cost for a PHC organization is $3,800-$4,500 per semester. The average cost for an IFC organization is $3,500 per semester.

Many of our organizations encourage active involvement in other student organizations on campus as well as leadership roles within the organization. Every student has the ability to leave a lasting impact in their community and leaders don’t always have a title. Talk with your student and ask them how they plan to be involved during their time at the University of Idaho.

Submit a care report. These forms are used by friends, family, faculty and staff to anonymously submit a concern for a Vandal. These reports are kept confidential and the information will only be shared to the parties needed to respond to the concern such as the Dean of Students Office and the Counseling and Mental Health Center.

Additionally, you can also stay informed and up to date on the happenings within fraternity and sorority life by signing up for our newsletter

Ask your student questions about their experience with fraternities and sororities, engage them in conversations about the successes of their organization and how they can improve. Being involved and up to date on your student’s campus engagements is one of the easiest and most sincere ways to show support for them.

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