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A sustainable campus is one that is not dependent on vehicles and can be easily traversed by foot or bicycle. The University of Idaho is fortunate to be located in a walkable and bikeable city. Surrounded by scenic bike lanes and walking paths, most Vandals prefer to walk or bike to campus. When we walk, bike, carpool or take the bus to campus, we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment.

In the 2020 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report, total CO2 emissions were 1,056 tons annually, a 32% reduction from the previous year and a 47% reduction since 2005! Commuting emissions made up only 5.1% of our total emissions profile in 2020, highlighting our community's desire to participate in reducing our impact on the environment.

U of I’s 2020 emissions profile, a pie chart with the following values: electricity 50.2%; refrigerants 0.9%; animals/fertilizer 10.3%; transport fuels 2.7%; stationary fuels 16.9%; wastewater 0.3%; solid waste 0.5%; food 4.7%; T & D losses 2.1%; financed travel 6.2%; and commuting 5.1%.
U of I’s emissions profile from 2020, with commuting making up 5.1% of our total emissions.

For more information on parking and transportation, visit the Parking and Transportation office’s website.

Walking is the best way to travel across the University of Idaho. Our campus and the city of Moscow fit within a walkable 2-mile diameter circle, making walking the most inexpensive, efficient and convenient mode of transport. Learn more about the walkability of the U of I and Moscow. Learn more about the walkability of the U of I and Moscow.

If walking or biking are not convenient for you, local transit is another sustainable option. The U of I and the city of Moscow have multiple local transit options, including the SMART Transit system, the U of I Lyft Pass and the Moscow VanPool. Learn more about using local transit.

Biking at the University of Idaho is a fun, convenient and healthy way to get around campus. We have plenty of bicycle friendly features that make biking the preferred method of transportation for many Vandals, including bike parking, air stations and bike lanes.

  • Bike-friendly features
  • Bike Features Map
    • The U of I has an interactive map that can show you places you can safely park your bike on campus. View the interactive map, and then select the “Bikes” layer from the layer list. 

Why Is This Important?

In 2020, transportation accounted for the largest portion (27%) of U.S. total greenhouse gas emissions. More than half of transportation emissions come from personal vehicles alone. The transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions globally; this includes cars, trucks, commercial aircraft and railroads, all of which release greenhouse gas emissions that pollute our environment and accelerate climate change. When we rely solely on our cars to transport us, which are primarily powered by fossil fuels, we are emitting gases that contribute to a warming planet. That is why the University of Idaho encourages Vandals to choose an emissions-free mode of transportation when travelling to campus whenever possible. The University of Idaho is lucky to be in a city with plenty of walking trails and bike lanes that make getting around better for the environment and more fun!

Ways You Can Help

Vandals can help the U of I be a more sustainable campus by choosing emissions-free transportation when possible! Whether it be walking, biking, skating, taking the bus or even carpooling, Vandals can make a difference in keeping our air clean and protecting the environment. When we choose emissions-free transportation, not only are we making a good decision for the community, but also a healthy decision for ourselves. Below we have provided some resources that explain the impact of transportation on the climate and why emissions-free transportation can lead to healthier, happier people.


Pedal power is convenient, efficient, scenic and sustainable


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