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Key Access Control Guidelines

See APM 40.28 — Access Control Policy for Facilities — Key and Access Control current policy.

Additional Information.

Future Access Control

University of Idaho is continuing to expand the online campus-wide card access control, as funds become available. Standalone systems such as Locknetics will no longer be managed by the Facilities Access Control Department (FACD). Existing systems will still be maintained by the FACD. The management of existing standalone systems will gradually be phased out to online access control or put back on the key system. Departments will be responsible for costs incurred on Department doors to install Access Control hardware. However, after installation, Facilities will administer the new system at no cost to the department. The FACD will meet with and provide a hard bid for Departments desiring to add access control to doors other than the ones Facilities is administering at the present time.

Facilities Access Control Shop (FACD)

  1. Responsible for creating and maintaining the university's lock and key system, including schematics, codes, product standards and service equipment.
  2. Develop keying schedules, re-keying and stocking necessary locks, cylinders, key blanks and related hardware.
  3. Maintain SAM Online and performs Administrator duties for VandalCard Access and physical key ordering in SAM Online.
  4. Issue keys to Gatekeepers through the SAM Online system.
  5. Maintain key records of all keys, locks and associated facility and room numbers. Supply Gatekeepers with information such as which keys open what doors under their control.
  6. Maintain database of all grand master and master key holders and supply various reports to administrators
  7. Restore physical security immediately when key control has been compromised.
  8. Help departments and Risk Management decide when rekeying is necessary.
  9. Provide education and training in adherence to University of Idaho Access Control Policy key policy at no cost to departments.
  10. Replace broken or bent keys upon receipt of the defective key by the authorized key holder.
  11. Install or provide removable “construction” core cylinders for new building construction and/or area renovations as required.
  12. Provide installation of Card Access Systems.
  13. Issuance and authorization of dates and times for temporary facilities contractor access cards and keys.
  14. Provide VandalCard Access activation for Emergency Responders of Facilities, EHS and Police and Fire.
  15. Installs and repairs all door locks and mechanisms related to door hardware, and performs all lock and key work on campus.
  16. Reporting Responsibilities: The FACD will inform the following departments when a card access system has been installed, or re-keying has been done.
    • Facilities
    • Environmental Health and Safety
    • Risk Management and Security — (office personnel are responsible for notifying the Moscow Fire and Police Departments)
    • Colleges and Departments in the area affected
    • Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Campus Locations

Physical Address:
Bruce M. Pitman Center
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4264
Moscow, ID 83844-4264

Phone: 208-885-6111

Fax: 208-885-9119