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President’s Athletic Advisory Council

The President's Athletics Advisory Council is responsible for advising the President on policy matters affecting intercollegiate athletics and for monitoring the implementation of such policies. The Council does not set or execute policy, but serves to influence policy development and administration. First and foremost, the President's Athletics Advisory Council exists to help the University develop and maintain the academic integrity of the institution and the academic and social development of student athletes.

Council members are appointed by the President. The Council consists of 8 faculty members (6 from various departments, 1 faculty member from University Faculty Council, 1 Faculty Athletics Representative), Dean of Students, Vice Provost, Financial Officer, member of Vandal Boosters, and three student athlete representatives. The Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator serve as ex-officio members.

For information about the PAAC, contact the chair, Brian Wolf.

Brian Wolf
PAAC Chair and Faculty Athletic Representative, Sociology

Sharon Stoll
Faculty Member, Movement Sciences

Robert Stone
Faculty Member, Accounting

Kerri Vierling
Faculty Member, Fish and Wildlife

Linsay Larkins
Faculty Member, Movement Sciences

Richard Seamon
Faculty Member appointed by Senate, Law

Barbara Bull
Vandal Boosters

Kelley Dopke
Student Representative, Soccer

Student Representative, Men’s sport

Pete Isakson
Athletic Director (Interim)

Jordan Hall
Athletics Compliance Director

Blaine Eckles
Dean of Students


Torrey Lawrence
Vice Provost for Faculty

Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)

The FAR at the University of Idaho is responsible for ensuring the academic integrity of the intercollegiate athletic program, promoting the well-being of student athletes, and supporting institutional control of athletics through oversight of compliance and student eligibility. The Faculty Athletics Representative works collaboratively with the Director of Athletics, the Athletic Administrative Staff, Coaches, and ultimately the University President to provide significant leadership in the governance of the intercollegiate athletics program.

All schools participating in NCAA sports must have a FAR that acts as a liaison between athletics and academics. The FAR reports directly to the President and serves at the pleasure of the President. As such, one of the roles of the FAR is to communicate with the President on a regular basis to discuss general issues related to student athletes on campus, as well as compliance issues with the Big Sky Conference and NCAA. In addition, the FAR serves as the chair of the PAAC and may serve on athletic conference committees.

The FAR is required to travel to meetings and attend several athletic events. Additionally, the FAR must be immediately available to address compliance and eligibility issues, as well as to meet certification deadlines as required by the NCAA. The FAR regularly attend meetings in the athletics department and reports to the Faculty Senate.

Since 2015, Brian Wolf has served as FAR. He can be reached by email:

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