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Action Plan

Each Annual Program Review (APR) self-study culminates in an Action Plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated. The purpose of the action plan is to provide programs with a framework for how to make progress toward meeting or exceeding the CAS Standards. The action plan will specify the actions the program will take and is informed by recommendations and feedback received from the Division Review and Institutional Review processes.

Preparing for the Action Plan

The Action Plan should be completed by program leadership and/or staff. Prior to this work, the program should consider the feedback received from the division/institutional reviews, so they can develop a comprehensive action plan based on those results.

Writing the Action Plan

The Action Plan is entered into Anthology Compliance Assist, under the Action Plan tab. The Action Plan should:

  • Include a brief summary of the results from the division/institutional reviews
  • Identify 3-5 tasks the program will implement this year, based on the results of the review process. Provide the specific recommendation number or CAS standard (1-12) the task is expected to support or improve
  • Identify who or which position will be responsible for each task
  • Assign each task a due date when it should be complete and ready for reevaluation
  • Briefly discussion of anticipated barriers the program may face and need to mitigate to complete the action plan
  • Answer the questions (mostly multiple-choice) about your APR results
  • Attach any documents related specifically to this action plan

Updating the Action Plan

Each year, programs will revisit their action plans and provide any relevant updates. These updates should include addressing any changes to how the program is meeting the standard, updating relevant evidence for each standard and detailing the progress that has been made on the action plan. The first update will occur in 2022-23. The Action Plan becomes a part of the APR documentation that is reviewed by the division and institution in future years and may be adjusted as tasks are completed and/or recommendations change.

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