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Keeping Your Aid

Students at the University of Idaho are required to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for federal financial aid.  At the end of each academic year, a student's University of Idaho Grade Point Average (GPA), completion rate of all attempted classes (Pace) and maximum number of attempted credits are evaluated to determine if satisfactory progress towards a degree has been made. The complete SAP policy is available.

If a student has not made Satisfactory Academic Progress, a letter from the financial aid office will explain the reason/s for the suspension of financial aid and how a student may regain eligibility.  A Petition for Financial Aid Reinstatement is required for students seeking to regain eligibility for financial aid.

To assist students and faculty with section E of the Petition for Financial Aid Reinstatement form a pace calculator is provided below.

PACE Calculator

Financial Aid Pace Calculator for Satisfactory Academic Progress

The table below will help students and college personnel calculate the necessary number of courses a student will need to complete in order to regain acceptable pace toward their degree for financial aid eligibility.  In the first box, enter the total number of attempted credits, then the total number of earned credits. This will establish your starting point to add the current term hours and any future terms. As you add courses to each term, you can "click" the calculate button to see the percentage of earned vs. attempted hours. A message will appear near the bottom of the form when the 67% goal is achieved. The calculated percentage will round up from 66.6%.

If you need to start over, "click" the clear button to reset the form.

Term Year Attempted
Current Term  

If you are completing section E of the Petition for Financial Aid Reinstatement form, we recommend that you print and attach this page to your petition when you submit it to your academic college. The college will need to sign the petition at the bottom of section E before it is forwarded to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

Student Financial Aid Services

Physical Address:

Bruce M. Pitman Center
Room 101

709 Deakin Avenue
Moscow, ID 83844

Mailing Address:
Student Financial Aid Office
875 Perimeter Dr
MS 4291
Moscow, ID 83844-4291

Phone: 208-885-6312

Fax: 208-885-5592