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CAES Operations Forms

Laboratory space is available for researchers at the CAES building, located at 995 MK Simpson Blvd, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Business hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and after hours access is available for office work with card access. After hours research in CAES laboratories is possible with safety review and approval of work control.

CAES is a shared space facility and laboratories are best thought of as a user facility. Researchers that want to use CAES laboratory space must submit a project proposal and must follow CAES laboratory procedures.

Benefits of CAES laboratories include:

  • Access to high quality equipment, much of which is made available by Idaho National Laboratory
  • Building services provided at no cost to the researcher
  • Opportunities to collaborate with researchers from INL and other CAES institutions.

Project proposals are reviewed and given time limited approval by the CAES Executive Board. Collaboration between researchers at different CAES institutions is strongly encouraged. Laboratory space for projects is overseen by the INL-CAES Laboratory Manager. Work controls must be approved by the ISU-CAES Safety Officer. All projects must have a readiness review before work can start.

Key documents are the CAES-047 Project Proposal (Phase 1) form and CAES-048 Work Control form. Additional useful forms are also on this page. For additional questions about CAES forms, laboratory procedures and laboratory safety, contact INL-CAES Laboratory Manager Rocklan McDowell and CAES Safety Officer Kristi Moser-Mcintire.


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