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Alumni Offices

Physical Address:
1212 Blake Ave. Moscow, ID

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3232 Moscow, ID 83844-3232

Phone: 208-885-6154



Physical Address:
322 E. Front Street, Suite 200 Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-364-4030

Fax: 208-364-4035


UIAA Directors

Executive Committee

The UIAA Board of Directors is an elected body that governs the UIAA, Inc. and meets formally three times a year. Duties of elected directors include managing corporate affairs, business and assets of the association. Appointed members may serve on the board with no voting privileges.

I am honored to serve as the new President of the Board of Directors for your University of Idaho Alumni Association (UIAA). Our Board is a diverse, talented and motivated group that is excited to make sure our Vandal family stays connected to and excited about our beloved alma mater. I humbly enter this role with a set of goals for the upcoming year. I’ll spare you from my full list but will highlight a few.

I will lead the Board in wisely managing and building its resources to maximize our engagement for and with you — our proud alumni! We hope you can join us and your local Vandal alumni chapters as we work together to bring you a plethora of upcoming events in your communities across the country.

Another top focus of my role in partnership with university leadership is to strengthen our collective efforts to advocate for higher education in Idaho. President Green recently told me that his top request of U of I alumni is advocacy — speaking up and speaking out to Idaho’s political decision-makers about the importance and value of U of I and Idaho’s higher education system.

State funding of our public higher education institutions remains threatened by elected officials whose ideology seeks to tear at the fabric of Idaho’s higher education system. In the months ahead, UIAA and the Office of Alumni Relations will be sending out information and ways for you to engage and support President Green and his efforts.

I hope to see old friends and meet new ones at some of the many fun upcoming alumni events. Best wishes and…GOOOOO VANDALS!

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Agricultural Business; M.S. Agricultural Economics

Hometown: Lostine, Oregon

Favorite Class: “Although I was an Agriculture Business/Economics major, I really enjoyed Dr. Lisa Carlson’s American Presidency class in the Department of Political Science. She was a dynamic professor, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Little did I know at the time that I would make a career out of politics!”

Why U of I: “I took advantage of internship opportunities. I participated in four internships during my undergraduate years — varying from crop science, marketing, finance and public policy. I also went on to graduate school to earn my Master of Science degree. Those experiences prepared me well for my eventual future.”

Why I serve: “It’s a fantastic way to stay involved in U of I and to give back a small amount of what I got from the institution. Also, because the Vandal family gives me such a strong sense of belonging.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Dr. Larry Makus in U of I CALS Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. While he gave me my first college “C” class grade, he later became a huge pillar of support for me as I worked on my graduate thesis. He was always willing to spend extra time to help me understand often complex concepts.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “SO many to share. Witnessing three football bowl game victories and back-to-back wins over WSU were certainly good memories. I have many great moments and memories from my Greek life, and I most definitely cherish the strong friendships that I still have today.”

Travis Jones '99 '02

President | Western Idaho

Travis Jones

amy lientzAmy Lientz '95
Executive Director | Corporate Secretary

Jon GaffneyJon Gaffney '08
Vice President| Northeastern Region

Degree/Major(s): B.A. Mathematics; B.A. History

Hometown: Moscow, Idaho

Favorite Class: “My favorite class was Jazz Choir I with Professor Dan Bukvich — it was so different than anything else I did and gave me an awesome creative outlet.”

Why U of I: “My majors in mathematics and history and minor in philosophy directly prepared me for my current legal career. From the logic games on the LSATs to the problem-solving, analysis and writing skills I used in law school (and continue to use every day), my undergrad degrees at U of I taught me the tools I’ve used to succeed.”

Why I serve: “I was fortunate to have many opportunities at U of I — taking classes from talented professors, serving in student government and making life-long friendships. The Alumni Association has given me a way to give back to the university while building new connections with Vandals on campus and around the world.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “I was extremely lucky to work with a number of fantastic faculty and staff members during my time at U of I. One faculty member integral to my time was Professor Dan Bukvich, who expanded my musical knowledge, taught me better focus and became a good friend and mentor.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “I’ll never forget traveling with a group of Vandals to Cai Cay, Peru, in December 2007 for an alternative service break trip. The volunteer service was immensely rewarding, and our visits to historic Incan sites were incredible, but the two things that stands out most are celebrating New Years 2008 with our hosts and the joy of watching a few of my teammates travel outside Idaho and Washington for the first time. I’ll always treasure that time with an amazing group of Vandals!”

jackie jamesonJackie Jameson '08
Treasurer | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Business Marketing

Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Favorite Class: “IBC - Integrated Business Curriculum — It was by far one of the toughest classes I have ever taken, however it prepared you for the real world.”

Why U of I: “U of I prepared me as a more rounded individual with all the tools to make it in the real world.”

Why I serve: “It is by far my most favorite board I have ever served on. It means the world to me to be able to give back to University of Idaho. The board members have become some of my greatest friends.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Bruce Pittman was our Dean of Students at the time, and he ran a well-oiled machine.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “My favorite student memory was being a Sigma Rho Chi for sorority recruitment as it gave me a chance to meet such amazing ladies going through the process. Some of the girls are still very close friends of mine. After college, my favorite memory is getting to hang with old and new alumni. Especially tailgating with some of my favorite people and family!”

erin jessupErin Jessup '05 '10
Member at Large | Northwestern Region

nick weberNick Weber '02
Former President | Western Region

Degree/Major(s): B.S. General Studies

Hometown: Priest Lake, Idaho

Favorite Class: “Military Science 301/302. My MS III year was one of the most challenging experiences of my career. I was pushed beyond my perceived limits, learning that I was capable of much more than I gave myself credit for. Those two classes provided the foundation for my career and were the beginning of some of my most cherished lifelong friendships.”

Why U of I: “U of I provided a truly immersive experiential education. When I left Moscow in the spring of 2002 I had served as the operations officer of the entire Army ROTC program, I’d served as president of the U of I Ambassadors, I’d travelled the region recruiting potential Vandals and I’d been co-chair of the university’s largest recruiting event of the year. I had done what many of my peers had only read about or been lectured on.”

Why I serve: “U of I has felt like home since I first stepped on campus for my visit as a high school senior so when the opportunity to return and serve Idaho arose it was a no-brainer for me. It’s been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made, allowing me to reconnect with so many Vandals and our alma mater and it’s been so rewarding to serve through some challenging times but also to be able to celebrate some amazing wins like getting President Green home, opening the Idaho Alumni Club at ICCU Arena and getting the Little Brown Stein back where it belongs!”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Tough choice! I loved Kathy Aiken and Carlos Schwantes’ history classes and have carried so many of those lessons and love of history throughout my life, but I wouldn’t have had the military career I did or the follow-on civilian one I currently enjoy without LTC(R) Jim Zuba and COL(R) Lloyd Mues in the Army ROTC program. They were an amazing duo showing how to aggressively but intelligently push limits whether it was in a field exercise, on a basketball court or the classroom.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “One morning I came back from class after it had snowed a couple inches. As I was walking into the fraternity, I noticed a couple of my fraternity brothers had been depositing the snow from the sidewalk in a small berm around my car. I chuckled as I headed inside for lunch and my break before afternoon classes. When I came back out a couple hours later, I found they’d shoveled all the sidewalks on New Greek and beyond to get enough snow to completely bury my car. As annoyed as I was, I had to admire their dedication and was able to laugh about it within a few months.”

Directors in Idaho

U of I Alumni Association directors serve many functions including association fiduciary duties, managing alumni awards and funding, providing support for OAR and advocating for U of I.

Ross BordenRoss Borden '87
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): BS Political Science, MS Geography

Hometown: Gooding, Idaho

Favorite Class: “Political Science Professor Sydney Duncombe’s local government classes. Local government is the level of government with the greatest ability to make a positive difference in people’s everyday lives — something that I have found to be underappreciated and underrated.”

Why U of I: “University of Idaho expanded my very limited, small-town Idaho (Gooding) horizons to the expansiveness and diversity of the people and world that awaited me in life.”

Why I serve: “As it turned out — not really by design — I spent my career primarily in various roles in and around the Idaho Legislature, Idaho higher education and Idaho state and local government. I like to think those experiences enable me to make at least a small advisory contribution toward the university’s and Alumni Association’s success as an Alumni Association Board member.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “There were many. It’s difficult to pick one. I’ll go with Dr Marv Henberg from whom I took a Philosophy class (Logic). I was just another student in that class, but he did his very best just the same, both with the class and me personally. He was a passionate teacher and quite an accomplished individual. He obviously left an indelible impression on me. Years later he served as the President of the College of Idaho in Caldwell.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “I would not trade my time at University of Idaho for anything. I most treasure the memories — which are too numerous to recount here but were made possible by the idyllic Ivy League setting of University of Idaho campus. I most value the many fine people I met there — in some cases to learn from, in some cases to live with — who became my role models. 'Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future' directly applies to me as I’ve worked to emulate – with varying degrees of success — the many fine qualities of the many fine people I was privileged to encounter there.”

Mallory GriffithMallory Griffith '10 '12
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): Secondary Education — Social Studies and English. Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Hometown: Coeur d’ Alene, ID

Favorite Class: No response

Why U of I: "The College of Education prepared me for a career in teaching. I was able to get a strong background in Social Studies and English to have the confidence to teach those content areas. U of I provided me opportunities to work with local schools, teachers and my student teaching experience to develop my teaching skills. I was able to meet with experienced teachers as mentors to guide me through my time in college and the teacher certification process."

Why I serve: "While attending the University of Idaho, I had the opportunity to be involved on campus with SArb and participating on the Homecoming and Dads’ Weekend committees. I was also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and a cheerleader on the Spirit Squad. The University of Idaho will always be my home. I blossomed on campus, made lifelong friendships, met my husband, developed connections and became prepared for my career. University of Idaho made me brave and bold. The Alumni Association is a way for me to help connect alumni with their alma mater. U of I provides lifelong opportunities and should be celebrated and cherished. I love being able to promote its vision and core values. The University continues to improve and advance in teaching, researching and public service. I am grateful to be a part of the directors to advocate and promote its image, traditions and pride. I am so incredibly proud to be serving on the board because it has shaped my appreciation our unstoppable Vandal Family."

Favorite Faculty or Staff: "Katie Dahlinger was integral to my time at U of I while she helped out with SArb (Student Alumni Relations Board). Her positive attitude, pride for the University and encouragement helped me have a full university experience. I loved planning events with her and making connections with students, alumni and staff. Shelly Robson - while cheering for U of I, I was able to see her passion for the Vandal athletics and education. She inspired me to volunteer for the University and provide support for students and alumni after graduation."

Favorite Vandal Memory: "Cheering on the mighty Vandals! I loved the rush of excitement on game days; students, alumni, staff, community members, friends and family making their way to the Kibbie Dome to support the team. I treasured walking around the tailgate with the rest of the of the cheerleaders and band to warm up the crowd with the Fight Song, Uptight and the crowd favorite, “In Heaven There is No Beer.” Stunting, dancing and cheering on the Vandals from the sidelines will always be cherished. I-D-A-H-O! Idaho! Idaho! Go! Go! Go!"

Juan CoronaJuan Luis Corona '12
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): TV and Radio Digital Media

Hometown: Parma, Idaho

Favorite Class: “I can’t remember…”

Why U of I: “It helped me to build relationships and taught me the true meaning of a community and support system."

Why I serve: “Because I want to give back to the university that gave me so much.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “I was fortunate enough to have many mentors while attending U of I, but I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without Leathia Botello. She was my mentor and friend. She always listened to me when I most needed it.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “One of many memories I had from my time at U of I is winning Homecoming King in 2011 and being elected ASUI Vice President in 2010.”

Rory FletcherRory Fletcher '04
Director | Northern Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Sport Science

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Favorite Class: “Biomechanics. It most closely resembled what I would learn in physical therapy school and I loved combining anatomy with physics and understanding how the body moves.”

Why U of I: “Through living groups, classes, intramurals, etc. I got to meet people from all different backgrounds. I really started to understand how building relationships was essential no matter what your career was. I have kept that in mind as I continue with my career/life.”

Why I serve: “I wanted to be able to give back to U of I in a meaningful way. While living in Moscow, I saw how much impact the university has on this community as well as the state of Idaho (and beyond). I want to do what I can to support the mission of the university as well as the over 100,000 Alumni.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Dr. Kathy Browder. She was the biomechanics professor and her classes helped prepare me the best for the rigors of graduate school.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “I met my wife at the university in the fall of our Junior year. 20 years later we are still together. That will always be my best Vandal memory.”

Jill GoetzJill Goetz '99
Director | Northern Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences

Hometown: Bellevue, Washington

Favorite Class: “I remember loving Anthropology 101 because I had so many sorority sisters registered for it together. That made completing assignments and studying for tests so much more enjoyable. But my favorite class was First Aid and CPR with Marc Trivelpiece! I registered with my best friend/roommate and to this day Marc reminds us that while we might have been his favorite students, we were also the absolute worst! It was right after lunch and we would either show up late or wander in carrying food. We would giggle about mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and tied all our bandages inappropriately or with cute bows. To this day I am grateful that he didn’t kick us out!”

Why U of I: “Specifically for my career in early child development I was prepared by both academic instruction and the real-world application of student teaching in the child development laboratory. Living in my sorority house gave me lifelong friends who are an amazing support network that I still lean on! Participating in the athletic department showed me the importance of connectedness and community involvement. The professional skills, plus social support, plus a sense of community all pointed me in the right direction to work with children and families.”

Why I serve: “Being a Vandal was so much fun! I was quite sad to graduate and move home and join the real world — I wanted my time in Moscow to last much longer than it did. Being able to serve on the Alumni Association brings back all those great memories and creates new ones!”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Janice Fletcher was my favorite professor and biggest cheerleader as an undergraduate! Now I get to enjoy her friendship by keeping in touch through social media!”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “I loved my sorority house and was fortunate to have sisters from my cheer squad and sisters in my degree program. In general, some of my fondest memories are those long walks across campus to practice or games or classes or parties with my sisters. We would talk about who was dating, what function was coming up, what was the next athletic event, where everyone was going over break. I loved those walks and being with friends. I loved being a part of the Vandal community!”

John HoyneJohn Hoyne '96
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): Bachelor of General Studies with an emphasis in Architecture and Business

Hometown:  Aberdeen, WA

Favorite Class: "It’s a tossup between Business Law and the World of Corporate Business. BLAW 265 was an excellent course, and I appreciated the additional time I spent with Jerry Wegman. The class provided a foundation about contracts, warranties and other legal topics I deal with running a business. James Toomey and the World of Corporate Business was an eyeopening experience. You would attend a lecture and then have either lunch or dinner with the guest speaker, it was an excellent opportunity to interact and learn from business leaders."

Why U of I: "The opportunity to build a network of friends and business connections has provided me numerous opportunities."

Why I serve: "When I realized the experiences, friendships and opportunities that I had at the University of Idaho, it was a no brainer to find ways to give back."

Favorite Faculty or Staff: "I was fortunate enough to be involved in the ASUI Student Government and Boards and got to meet and work with David Mucci. Dave was a mentor, leader, educator and all-around great person. He would always make time to chat in the hall or give advice about a difficult substation. He is a special person."

Favorite Vandal Memory: "Spirit Cow at Homecoming and serving as Vandal Booster Intern for the Southern Idaho Golf Tournaments."

Melissa LowtherMelissa Lowther '08
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Accounting

Hometown: Pendleton, Oregon

Favorite Class: “The Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC). I enjoyed learning about business topics in a more comprehensive approach vs standalone classes; including having an actual business partner to apply the learning concepts to. The experience of working with a team and the dynamics each person brought to the table was a great introduction to working cross functionally as well.”

Why U of I: “I have a lot of respect for the education I received at University of Idaho. My courses were rigorous/challenging but taught me how to operate as a business professional. I also experienced a lot of personal growth while at U of I. Like most students, U of I was my first experience of being away from home and finally having to make a lot of my own decisions and choices. I was fortunate that I had a great group of friends and a good support system that made that transition easier and allowed me to grow into the individual I am today.”

Why I Serve: “I am extremely proud to be a Vandal! As a student I enjoyed being a member of University of Idaho Student Alumni Relations Board (SArb). Through this group I met a lot of alumni, and I loved seeing that no matter how long ago someone graduated everyone had cherished memories of their time at U of I. The sense of community that U of I has been built on really resonates with me and my hope is by serving on Alumni Association I can continue to find new and fun ways to connect with all Vandal alumni.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Scott Metlan who was an operations management professor. He provided a lot of real-world applications/scenarios to think about in his teachings. I remember him as a professor that truly cared about student success including after college and he took the time to mentor/get to know students outside of class. Katie Dahlinger was the SArb advisor with the Alumni Office while I was there. Katie was a wonderful sounding board for the SArb executive committee and just an all-around fun person to be around. Her Vandal Spirit was contagious, and she brought a lot of enthusiasm to the Alumni Office.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “One of my earlier memories as a kid was going to University of Idaho campus and taking a picture on the I-Bench, driving down Greek Row and hearing some of the (more notorious) family memories that were made there. Now that I have my own kids, I love that I can share the same experience with them when we come and visit Moscow.”

Bobby MyersBobby Myers '10 '17
Director | Northern Idaho

Degree/Major(s): Human Resource Management, Marketing, Executive MBA

Hometown: Powell, Wyoming

Favorite Class: “Leading Strategic Change. This class became the most rewarding nearly four years after taking it. In the spring of 2022, I referenced the coursework of this class more than when I was enrolled in the EMBA. I relied on the materials as we quickly built an adaptable organization through what seemed like an unknown future. We had to embrace change and create an agile operation that had previously been a working model for decades. I owe keeping our organization intact over the last three years to this class.”

Why U of I: “U of I prepared me for life after college with its vast alumni network. With so many alumni in Coeur d’Alene that I could reach out to, I quickly realized the opportunities available when I moved here not having a career path that I was passionate about. The support after college has been the most beneficial in my professional career.”

Why I serve: “I choose the serve the Alumni Association because it’s a rewarding opportunity to give back while being afar. So many great Vandals have helped me along the way, and I want to be a Vandal for somebody else. The university is built on the alumni's reputation, and the association is the microphone for great Vandals doing great things around the world. It’s also a great excuse to relive the glory days in Moscow twice a year!”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “I had the opportunity to have Dan Eveleth as a professor in both my undergraduate and master's program. His thoughtfulness and intention that he puts into his lectures and coursework expanded my view on reasoning before every decision. Everything he put forth to his class had an intention and would always seem to resonate more as the years passed.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “Post-IBC test nights on Wednesdays at the Ale House. Thursday mornings were a different story.”

rick sparksRick Sparks '81
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Business

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Favorite Class: “Business classes from Randy Byers — he taught with passion and used real life examples.”

Why U of I: “I was fortunate enough to be involved in a number of groups (Fraternity, Student Government, leading the Intramural Department etc.) I learned to engage, interact and lead a diverse group of people. That positioned me for my initial post school job working for my National Fraternity which in turn positioned me for my roles with major Consumer Product Goods companies.”

Why I serve: “Our university is a special place, and it is an honor to be able to give back with time, talent and treasure.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Randy Byers (see above).”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “Memories were made and continue to be made as a proud Vandal. My mantra is that anytime you can get a group of Vandals together it will be a good time! Go Vandals!”

Samantha StiormsSamantha Storms '12 '13
Director | Western Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Public Relations (Business); M.S. Adult, Organizational Learning and Leadership; G.C. HR Development, Leadership and Counseling

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Favorite Class: “While I ultimately changed my major to public relations, my experience as an international studies student with the Martin Institute, part of the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, left a lasting impression on my college experience. Each spring, the National Model United Nations holds its annual conference in New York City. The conference brings more than 5,000 college students and faculty from all over the world together to simulate the United Nations, with closing exercises held in the Assembly Hall of the United Nations. It was an honor to represent University of Idaho as part of the 2010 delegation.”

Why U of I: “While still an active alumna, I look back on my years at University of Idaho and am thankful for my extracurricular activities. Many of them shaped the person and professional I am today, including serving as Associated Students of University of Idaho student body vice president and senator, actively participating in Pi Beta Phi sorority, annual domestic and international service trips, lobbying at the Idaho State Legislature for higher education, representing U of I at the Model United Nations Conference in New York City and being a member of both the Homecoming Committee and the Student Alumni Relations Board. These and other leadership roles are the inspiration behind my current seat on the U of I Alumni Association Board of Directors.”

Why I serve: “I have always believed in the importance of giving back to my community. While I genuinely love my day job with the Bureau of Land Management at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, I prioritize finding extracurricular opportunities to engage with. My post-college experiences, stretching from life and career opportunities in Washington, D.C. to Sacramento, California, have been diverse, each affording me a unique perspective on the issues and successes surrounding my “home” at the time. Serving the U of I Alumni Association for nearly a decade while living out of Idaho, hosting and planning alumni events, I am proud to be back in my home state and thankful for my Vandal network stretching far and wide.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “I have been fortunate to have so many incredible mentors from U of I, many of whom I still turn to for sound advice and friendship today. The staff that have dedicated their time and talent to work in the Alumni Office and the Associated Students of University of Idaho are remarkable. Their dedication to Vandal students does not go unnoticed and their impact on my life is immeasurable.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “Came a tribe from the North, brave and bold! Homecoming will forever be a special memory for me as both a student and now alumni. Coming back to Moscow always feels like coming home and embodies the true sense of reunion with my Vandal Family and friends.”

michelle wiestMichelle Wiest '87, '97
Director | Eastern Idaho

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Finance; M.S. Environmental Studies

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Favorite Class: “I really enjoyed business writing and I still use the skills I learned in this class in my current professional position. This course taught me how to focus on the specific message of a communication and to identify and remove unnecessary information. It also taught me that every word in a business communication counts so choose your words carefully.”

Why U of I: “It prepared me with a solid foundation in business and the basic financial operations of a corporation. The non-business courses were equally valuable as they helped develop the ability to think differently about how to solve a problem and how to budget time.”

Why I serve: “I really enjoyed my time on U of I campus so when I had the opportunity to join like-minded people and give back to this great institution I said yes.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “My academic advisors for both my bachelors and master’s degrees were key to my success. I always appreciated their insight on how to build my schedule, ensure I was on target for graduation and talking me through the times when I was struggling in a course. They helped me regain my confidence and put me on track to be successful.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “I still recall bid day at the end of sorority rush with very fond memories. I was anxious and excited as bids were being handed out and then the thrill when I found out the house I had been matched with. It was great being welcomed into a wonderful group of young women and to this day I communicate with my pledge sisters almost weekly. U of I is truly a place where you build lifelong relationships and where friends are really family.”

Directors Outside Idaho

U of I Alumni Association directors serve many functions including association fiduciary duties, managing alumni awards and funding, providing support for OAR and advocating for U of I.

Annie AverittAnnie Averitt '00
Director | Western Region

Andrew MorganDrew Morgan '15
Director | Northwestern Region

Degree/Major(s): B.S. Psychology; B.S. Finance

Hometown: Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Favorite Class: “Econ 272 was my favorite college class at University of Idaho because it was applicable and relatable. I loved the way the class used vignettes, a type of short story, to demonstrate economic concepts and their real-world applications. The stories made it easier for me to understand the relevance of economic theories in my daily life and how they can be used to solve practical problems. Overall, the class provided a valuable learning experience that combined theory with practicality, making it engaging and interesting.”

Why U of I: “University of Idaho prepared me well for life after college by helping me become a well-rounded person and develop leadership and social skills to relate to all kinds of people. These skills are essential in any career or personal setting, and I'm grateful for the strong foundation the university provided me.”

Why I serve: “I choose to serve the Alumni Association because I believe in the value of staying connected to my alma mater and helping to strengthen its community. By serving on the association, I have the opportunity to give back to the university that provided me with a valuable education and helped shape me into the person I am today. I also enjoy the chance to connect with other alumni and current students. Serving on the Alumni Association is a meaningful way for me to stay engaged with my alma mater and make a positive impact on its community.”

Favorite Faculty or Staff: “Magdy Noguera was integral to my time at University of Idaho. Her guidance and support were instrumental in helping me achieve my academic and career goals. She helped me secure an internship that gave me invaluable experience in the finance industry, and also encouraged me to pursue the CFA designation, which has been a great asset in my career. In addition to her mentorship outside of the classroom, I learned a lot from her classes as well. Her dedication to teaching and expertise in finance made her classes engaging and challenging.”

Favorite Vandal Memory: “One of my most treasured Vandal memories was going to an Odesza concert in Memorial Gym. I was blown away by the energy and talent of the performers. Our student body events team did a great job bringing outstanding artists to campus during my time at school. It was an incredible experience, and I’m grateful that I was able to spend quality time with friends while discovering a love for music. Looking back on that memory, I'm reminded of the unique and exciting opportunities that U of I provides, and how much I enjoyed being a part of its vibrant community.”

Alumni Offices

Physical Address:
1212 Blake Ave. Moscow, ID

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3232 Moscow, ID 83844-3232

Phone: 208-885-6154



Physical Address:
322 E. Front Street, Suite 200 Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-364-4030

Fax: 208-364-4035